Graco Nautilus 123 Car Seat


Anyone have one of these? Thoughts, opinions etc.
ds2 is 2yrs9 months & is almost 18kg. His eyes are level with the top of his carseat so need to start looking into another one for him. Need to keep in in a 5 point harness for as long as possible.
Any other suggestions?
dont buy one of these- the european model is different to the usa model and the straps have to be taken off at 18kgs- i emailed graco as when i went to see this seat in smyths they are advertised as leaving the harness in place up to 65 pounds but when i checked the manual and the sticker at the side of the seat they both say up to 40 pounds only, Graco confirmed that the european model is 40 pounds only. ive rang and emailed smyths about their error and theyve ignored me
ive done a huge amount of research on this and you cant import a USA car seat as it wont be passed by EU standards and might negate your insurance in a crash or land you in trouble for using it. In car safety have a lovely range of car seats with a harness going well above the 40 pounds limit and they deliver.
its the only place i know of, and ive searched, that provides a seat with a harness above 40 pounds in ireland. ask for simon.
Unless it specifically states so, once the child reaches 18kgs they can't use the five point harness, it just becomes like a normal high back booster seat, secured by the seat belt. Does this one say you can use it with the five point harness after 18 kgs? Its not always very clear. My DD2 is 3 and a half, and not quite 18 kgs yet, so still in her maxi cosi.
Gsmom I can't thank you enough for this site . Ds2 is 4 and 4 months with autism and we are having serious problems . At 20 kg he is to big for his 5 point harness and he his so dangerous in the car gets out of the seat tries to pull up the hand brake and heap the wheel . I will admit to still using the harness if on my own in the car .
It was looking like the recaro special needs seat at nearly 500 euro was the way to go but I am going to give the gadget on there a go that stops him opening the belt and if that doesn't work threre is another option for around the 300 mark thanks a million for that . I could not figure out which 5 point harness seat beside the special needs one went above the 18 kg
ah great that site is of help to you moto moto. you can always ring simon there for advice too, he is very helpful and an expert of car seats and special needs car safety too. xx
I am going to ring him first thing the cumberband looks a great idea but thing ds might be too small . I will give him a buzz first thing . There are a couple of mothers I know in the same situation so I will pass this info on .
its probably best to ring him first alright- he absolutely knows everything about car safety there is to know, let me know how you get on.xx
Thanks for that gsmom. I'll check that site now

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