So proud of my big girl


Dd is just 18 months and was still drinking 3 bottles a day so we decided to bite the bullet and get rid of the 2 day time ones this weekend. We have been talking about it all week, giving the bottles to the baby foals (we have been following the progress of a rescued orphan foal on-line, and she offered him her bottle the first time she saw his picture. It was the idea he had to drink milk out of a bucket I think ) So yesterday we picked out 2 big girls cups for milk and went to the toy shop to pick out a treat as she was so good to be giving the bottles to the little foals. She picked a rocking horse, so the idea had definitely sunk in
Anyway, fast forward to this morning, she had her brekkie and started looking for her bottle. I explained about the foals and that was why we had got the horse and she just went yeah and went in to see her horse, drank her milk out of her cup, no problems. I couldn't believe she was fine once I expalined the foals and horse to her again!!
I am soooo proud of my big girl
As an aside, this is the horse ... -prod.aspx
great value for €25 and she loves it to bits. My only problem now is that she stands up on the seat, doesn't hold on, and rocks I am in awe of her balance I have to say, but my nerves would be better if she would sit down
Ha dd has something similar & stands up on it too & looks at me as if to say 'I know I shouldnt do this but look'
Well done to your "big girl" on dropping her bottles

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