Moles..... Get them checked.


My son had a mole on his bum, right between his cheeks. As a baby it looked like a bit of poo so I was always aware of it. He was toilet trained at 2.5 so I saw it less frequently. At Christmas I noticed while he was in the bath that it looked a lot darker, dh said I was over reacting that it was just a freckle. I kept going back to it every week or so and it still looked to dark.
In march he had tonsilitis and while at the docs I asked him to look at the mole and he said it would be safer to see a dermatologist. The earliest appointment going public was 18mths away. So I bit the bullet and went privately. This was the best decision I ever made, she immediately said it was irregular and recommended it be taken off for a biopsy.
She called last night to say it was atypical or precancerous. He's nearly 4, I can say without doubt that it was never exposed to the sun, he has no other moles on his body and about 3 freckles. He needs to go back and have more of the surrounding area removed just to be sure she got it all. I'm shocked and delighted at the same time.
I suppose I just wanted to say trust you instincts, the public waiting list is a joke, what if I didn't have VHI or €160 for the consultation its frightening to think it could have been worse.
I will be washing him in sun cream from now on.
Thanks for the warning. Glad he is okay and you got it in time. And yes the public waiting list is a joke.
My DD2 has one on her leg that is growing with her. I think I might get it looked at now that I've read your post. It's not raised or anything but it is very obvious.
Look at it with a magnifing glass, my sons was brown covered in black dots, it was a regular shape but the colour change wasn't good.
That's scary. Glad you caught it in time. Thanks for the warning.

Will take that advice thank you Taram.
Wow, well done you for remembering to mention it. Very hard to remember these things when the child isn't complaining about it or whatever.
I'm glad he's okay!
I went a few years ago to get my moles checked. The guy, specialist in his field, practically sneered at me for coming to him with my light brown and flat moles..........and I felt embarrased for bothering him almost. However, I'm going to go soon with them again - I've grown up a bit and if he was to sneer at me now, I'd have something to say. Your health is the most important thing you have and you're not cautious with it, nobody else will be (except obviously, your mammy)!
Well done you! Sorry you had such a scare though!
Well done ! Will def check all of our moles. Its so easy not to do it or to ignore them. Well done again!

I am shocked at his attitude.
The Irish Cancer Society launched their Skin Cancer Campaign a few days ago.
Good advice, Taram.
I had a small mole on my leg from the age of about two. A doctor insisted on removing it when I was 15, after I noticed it changing colour (going darker). Again, he mentioned atypical changes, after tests.
I am so careful in the sun.
And with the kids.
I go postal when people mention sunbeds, sunburn etc.
Anyhow, it's great advice to keep an eye on moles. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers - and yet quite treatable if caught early enough.
Horrible to think that almost 200 people die a year of it in Ireland though.
IM x
Hi there totally agree, get all your moles checked it is really important, my own personal experience is that I had a mole on the front of my neck, which had changed colour, went to dermatologist on a wednesday and had it removed on the friday all privately I should say when i had the money to pay for private health insurance, but the reason it was removed so quickly was she was not happy with it one bit turns out it was skin cancer which necessitated a lot more surgery, that was in christmas 2004, have had numerous other moles removed some of which have been okay and some have been precancerous and am currently being checked every year by the dermatologist. so please get them checked.
I now have to wear factor 50 every day of the year as cannot get any sun on my skin and cover up every day.
I've have no idea why people would let the sun burn them and it really maddens me when I see children with burns on them, guess I am a lot more concious of this from my own personal experience, but it is a killer as previously mentioned and there is a lot more cases every year in Ireland.
Please please get them checked and not just the once but on a regular basis.
Glad you got it sorted and didn't leave it.
My dd has one on her vagina i have shown it to gp who wasn't concerned at all. I am worried sick about it only very small and brown not changing colour but i am going back to insist he refers her to a dermatoligist. It is something close to my own heart as my mam died from a melanoma (sp)
My DD had a mole removed recently. We waited about two months for a public appointment and were advised at that meeting that it should be removed as soon as possible and that it would be done within 6-8 weeks. It was a mole that seemed to grow with her and was undergoing a lot of change. 6-8 weeks passed and not a word from the hospital. I kept ringing them but could never get through to anybody, was passed from billy to jack and back again. I was really p*ssed off and extremely worried. The NTPF wouldn't take her on, she would have to be on a waiting list for a year before they would look at her. In the end I went privately and it was removed within a week of making contact. Luckily all was well. It still annoys me when I think about it.
We are currently in the public system with DS, nothing too serious TG. We starting the ball rolling a year ago and are just inching our way through the system. Trying to get into the public system is a joke and then when you do get into it you can still be left waiting and waiting. DaisyMay
Thank you for the warning. I have lots of moles and have had them seen to over the years, but it's always worth reminding people of the dangers. Sorry that your little DS had to go through that so young, but well done for following up on it!
God Tara - what a scare.
Well done on your vigilance and the warning.
Gosh, what a fright. I've one on the side of my face and tbh I don't check it regularly, I must start.
I don't think the kids have any, I must check them.
I had several skin tags on my neck which were bothering me and I mentioned it to my gp. She doesn't remove them herself but referred me to the Minor Surgery Clinic in Baggot St hospital. I rang and had had an appt within 2 weeks. He removed the skin tags and also 2 small moles from my throat and shoulder that I have always had. They were biopsied and came back fine. I also had a seborrhic keratosis on my back (i had always thought it was a mole which had got bigger and changed colour so I asked him to look at it). He knew immediately it wasn't sinister but removed it anyway. The whole thing was done free of charge. I don't think they would treat children (could be wrong) but for any adults worried about moles it's worth calling Baggot St.
Gosh thats scary,DD has one a very dark freckle on her stomach,definetely not sun exposed...its very slightly raised ,maybe i should get it looked at...
The same thing happened to me recently on an area that was never ever exposed to the sun. I got the fright of my life, I posted here about it telling everyone the same thing, if you are worried about anything, get it off NOW. My friend had a malignant melanoma just after I had the scare last year and my God she is lucky to be alive, they thought it had gone to her lymph nodes. It is so dangerous.
Taram, well done for trusting your instincts. Well done you saved his life.
Edited to add: Tulip, you mentioned your daughters mole on my post a few months back and I just wanted to say that my gp said that my one was nothing to worry about either and it was, thank God the surgeon saw it or I might not be here today. So go elsewhere and get it off!

For your own peace of mind do. Odds are its grand.
Both my girls have freckles on the same spot too, and his was on his bum, wonder if its genetic!! His really changed colour it was light brown and went black. Its scary i'm afraid now that mybe he has some other form of cancer and wondering if he should have a blood test, DH thinks i'm nuts. We have to wait 4 weeks to go back and it cant come soon enough.
Thanks for all the replies, if one kid gets checked as a result i'll be chuffed.
Well done on being so vigilant Tara, and thanks for the reminder. Ds has a few moles (well I'm not sure if they're moles or just freckles) but he has 2 in his scalp and others around his body. But the other night when drying himself after the bath he said one which is on his collarbone was sore to touch. I mentioned to DP that maybe we should bring him to gp but you know the way, I had put it out of my mind since
Anyway I think now I'm going to make an appt. just to be on the safe side! Thanks.
I didnt see this thread but I brought my DS to the doctors yesterday as one of his moles appeared to be growing. He checked it out and it seems that it is only growing as he grows. The doctor gave good advice- if someone has multiple moles, take close up pictures of them so you will be really able to see if they change over time.
IM sorry you have been through this and so, so, so glad that all is ok. Readers of this thread may or may not be aware that my sister is now fighting malignant melanoma for 2 years now that has spread to her lymph nodes. A mutant gene. Not due to sun exposure. Be vigilant. Please.
That's so so scary. Thanks for the warning.
Wow, well done you for following up glad you ds is ok!
Better safe than sorry, at the very least they will take a measurement of it for his chart.

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