Next Sale Liffey Valley


guys...not sure if it's the same for all the Next stores but I was in the one in Liffey Valley on Friday and just happened to ask the girl when their sale was.....
IT'S THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She wasn't sure if they were opening at 4 or 5 in the morning but just letting ye know!!!!!
Thanks fot the tip, I reckoned the sale was starting soon so I will be heading to Blackrock myself his soming Saturday! Not at 5am though, I am not that insomniac yet!
Thanks for this info..had been wondering!!Its normally the sane day for all the next stores from here to the UK.
And normally starts at 5.00AM
Is the sale on everywhere?
Yes - almost sure it is. Why not give your local shop a buzz to check??
anyone know what time Liffey Valley Next opens at on Sat - is it 4am- seen as my DS wakes then most mornings, I might treat him to some shopping!!
usually bedlam - buggy would get well knocked around I'd say
Next sale in LV starts at 4aM!!!! was in there yesterday and saw it up on the window where the store opening hours are!!!!

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