Ideas for displaying art work


I am looking for different ideas the more unusual the better for art work wall displays for the children in the creche using a transport theme.
For example: for a water theme we had a beach display and had dolphins jumping out of the water, sail boats ont he water, deep down in the water we had different types of sea life. Another display was a park with a pond and we had people walking on the paths feeding the ducks and swans and frogs on lilly pads.
SO i am looking for different ways to display all types of transport. We have 4 rooms in the creche with plenty of walls and windows to cover.
Thanks for your help.
When I have done transport in the past I have done a long road made out of crepe paper (or something similar) then have made white lines done the middle, I have then got the children to colour/make the different types of transport and stuck them on the road. We also included traffic lights to bring in the different colours, zebra crossing/lollipop man to do road safety. We also used photograpghs of street signs/street names so they can bring in the local area.
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you might like to take some ideas from the displays section of or (uk)
i'd put a transport-related caption above it saying something like:
"We deliver the best!" or "We're high fliers" or "Hop aboard and see our great work" to link the theme and to draw attention to the children's artwork.

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how about a train and carragies (sp) with the children photos in the windows of the train ?
bicycles and scooters
children walking to nursery
aeroplanes car ferries and caravans as it's summer holiday time
talk about how to get to holiday destinations
broaden their Imaginations
other modes of transport are horse and traps /camels /elephants
roller blades
boats barges canoes yachts dinghies navy ships
prams pushchair and buggies
space travel .....
Use toy vehicles and paint to make tyre pattern imprints
The green cross code/road safety
how about different service transport ie lorrys and trucks post office vans ice cream vans
gaRda cars bikes ambulances rescue helicopters fire engines talk about the different uniforms different transport workers wear
expand The theme to include their fave tv characters ie bob the builder and construction trucks
postman pat and his van .....,
lollipop ladies and men
to help cross the road safely

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