DS really bad nappy rash :(


Hi all,
DS1 (26 months) has had a touch of nappy rash for about a week and I've been using sudocrem. Last night I noticed a few outlying spots which I thought indicated thrush so I used canestan this morning. Anyway, over the course of the day the rash has gotten so much worse. His poor bum is red raw and was actually bleeding a bit tonight. He's also had 3 or 4 softish poos over the day which haven't helped. I didn't use the canestan again as I thought it might sting him, just the sudocrem. The poor little man was so upset when I was changing his nappy before bed. I'm just wondering what can I do for him? I'm going to cut out all soft fruit and anything acidic for a couple of days. Should I try the canestan again? Any other suggestions? If it hasn't improved by Monday I'll be bringing him to gp, but any tips in the meantime would be appreciated. Thanks.
Caldesene Caldesene Caldesene
failing that, really works
Poor little one, god they do suffer he cutting any teeth do you think? My boys bums always suffered with the teeth
i 2nd the powder too. if he wakes crying during the night it might be best to change him bum. poor little guy
I'm not sure what canestan is, is it like Caldesene powder? That's what I always used for nappy rash and found it brilliant. Also leave him without a nappy as much as possible until he clears up.
Nappy off , bum left out to the air, egg white: really works!! A MM told me here recently and it worked a treat... but bum left out of nappy really is best thing, just let him charge about wihtout it for a bit, messy but worth itHave a you a cloth nappy you could use, I think they seem to let te air in better than the disposies.... I use them on my little guy when he was sore. The are more cotton too which helps.. or an old towel made into an old fashioned nappy even.
Would it be possible to keep the nappy off him over the weekend? Or for periods anyway?
I used vaseline or cow milk...
During the day I let him without nappy and plenty of vaseline. To clean him just cotton and boiled water... No wipes
Hope he gets better
Soak the bum in lukewarm salt water for 15 minutes twice a day. About the cornflour, if it is thrush, the yeast feeds on cornflour and makes it worse.
Canestan is what I use for thrush and its very stingy........
Caldesene is the way to go and dont spare will see a huge improvement after a nappy or two, the stuff is brilliant
Dont use wipes, use baby lotion and cotton wool when wiping if poss........wipes will sting him
Great for sweaty feet on holidays too haha
Wow girls! Thanks so much for all the quick responses. I've never used caldesene so I'll get some in the morning. I'm off to a wedding tomorrow and my mum is babysitting the two boys, so she'll be delighted when I tell her that DS1 has to run round nappyless for the day ! I'll stop with the canestan for now as well and see how things go over the weekend. Thanks again!
Caldescene is great and I find Bepanthen nappy cream really good aswell. Its dearer than sudocream but clears up the rash really quickly. I use bepanthen first and then caldescene powder aswell. it works a treat.
Try the egg white on him. I found it worked really well. It doesnt sting and you can put a good bit on.
Try to not use the baby wipes just cotton wool and water.
I also find Castor oil and zinc cream works good too but it depends how bad his bum is.
Hope hes feeling better soon.

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