Would you have a small party with newborn?


Ds2 is 3 next Friday and with me heading into hospital on Monday for an induction, I'm not sure what to do? I was saying to dh that perhaps he took the two of them off to the Playbarn with his family (my family all heading to Spain tomorrow ) and then back here for a cake but with them all living in Dublin, he thinks it'd be easier for them to head straight home on the N7. So next thought was maybe a smallish party, just a few sweets/buns and birthday cake or a bbq on the Saturday with the inlaws or perhaps holding out til the following weekend when my family will be here too and I'll have a bit of a routine going at that stage. I don't want ds2 to miss out, as I think of the two of them, his nose will be out of joint more than ds1, but he doesn't really have a clue it's his birthday anyway (well apart from the fact mam gave him a gorgeous teddy that sings happy birthday - and it's already doing our bloody heads in )
What would you do?
We had a party for 25 6 yr olds with 4wk old twins post section and it was not as bad as I thought. If you have a couple of adults who are happy enough to do the wiping cleaning, serving etc with you to guide the flow of the party then yes I would.
I would wait though till mon after the birth to plan it - if you have a tough time it will be the last thing on your mind - if its an easy labour and delivery (please god) then it could be done.
I would have a no touching the baby rule though if you have loads of kiddies!!
DD2 was 5 weeks old when I had DD1 5th birthday party with 23 invited children. It was fine, DD2 slept through most of it and I had two good friends and DH help out.
I would say go for two weeks post induction in case you have to have a c-section and also to have both families at the party.
The small party sounds lovely PL but I would do it the following week
1) your family will be home
2) you will only be out of hospital and tired
3) DS hasn't realised its his birthday anyway

I think leave it for a couple of weeks.
I am hoping to do DD1s this week or next to avoid having it at the same time I have the baby.
we had a party for ds1 when ds2 was 3 weeks. It was absolutely fine. Dh did everything, as in throw a few bits on the bbq. It was just grandparents and aunts and uncles so they were expecting nothing. I was so glad we did as ds1 was thrilled with the attention and the presents. I would maybe wait until your own family were home though best of luck on monday, very exciting
Definitely leave it until the week after when there are more around. I had a section on DD2 and was planning on having the party eight days after the birth ie. being home for only 3 days. We changed it then until the following week so 15 days after the birth and to be honest, I wouldn't have been able for it so soon. I don't think it was the section that impacted on it, it was making sure I had the time to fuss over DD1 instead of just couple of days into having a newborn, establishing feeding routines etc. iykwim
Best of luck!
Thanks girls, think we'll leave it til the following weekend so, defo don't want him missing out on something, even though it's only going to be small.
Definitely push it back a week or two and give yourself a bit of a chance. You'll be more able and feeling more like it then. He won't know any different really.
Id wait till the following weekend too PL.. not long now!
IF it were me I would go for a meal with just 'us' something like TGI Fridays (they make a huge fuss) and then the following week when your family is available and you hare more settled yourself then I would organise something. That way everyone is included, your ds had a cake on his birthday and most importantly you are relaxed and settled.
Good luck by the way
I got home from hospital with DS2 on DS1's 3rd birthday. I remember going into Tesco on way home to get him a cake and then that evening, my family and DH family came up for tea and cake. DS1 was delighted as everyone was making a fuss over him.
DD1's 2nd birthday was the day DD2 was born, but we (DH, myself and DD1 only) had a cake at home the weekend before. We deliberately spent that whole day on our own as it would be our last weekend with just her. Her 3rd birthday and DD2's 1st birthday were just after we moved here and we didn't know anyone. Again, we just had a cake here at home for the 4 of us.
Why put yourself under any unnecessary pressure, just have a cake at home yourselves. He'll love that just as much at this age.
A was born on February 25th, on March 6th we had J's third birthday party (his birthday was the 5th). There was a gang here, but that included my parents so all I had to do was bake & decorate the cake (no big deal for me) and tell my Mom what else I wanted done lol!
A spent the day in my aunts arms snoozing, only waking now and then for a feed, so I was able to sit and chat to the friends who came with their LOs lol.
DS's 2nd birthday is next Sunday and I don't know when this lo will arrive but I'm hoping soon so DH and I are trying to make a plan around this issue too.
Our families are across the country so we decided that to save on them coming up twice we'll make a big fuss of DS when we bring the baby home from hospital and kill two birds with one stone. I was going to make a cake but I reckon no one will dare be offended by a shop bought one given the circumstances, then we'll throw some burgers on the bbq and people will have to fend for themselves. Like you we'll just have family so they can muck in.
In your case with your family gone til next week I'd postpone it til their back and he'll have a great crowd there for him so he'll be chuffed to bits

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