A radio station just for children!!


Wouldn't it be great?! I was wondering recently why there isn't such a thing at the moment because I think it would be a big hit.
This is what I was thinking the schedule could be.
Breakfast time- something the whole family can listen to. Maybe a few songs from the soundtracks of children's films or even just songs that they might enjoy and news specifically aimed towards children.
For the rest of the morning there could be music for babies and toddlers Maybe things like songs with actions that parents could do with their children. Maybe some stories for small children and some activity suggestions for the parents to do with their child.
In the afternoon when the younger school children come home there could be recorded books (Roald Dahl has about 12 of his great stories recorded) and simple general knowledge quizzes. Perhaps some programmes about ..oh I don't know... the day in the life of a fire fighter or something.
Late afternoon could be more geared towards older children with more teenage popular music and stories for their age. Programmes about bullying and how to cope. Programmes about exams and how best to study etc, etc.
I think throughout the day there could be tips and hints to parents on what they can do to stimulate and help their child be the best they can be.
Since I recently decided to keep TV to a bare minimum in our house we love to listen to stories on tape and music that we can all jump about to but I can't keep playing the same thing over and over again which is why I was thinking of a radio station. I also think that it would be great to introduce children to another medium other than television but that was just as easy to access.
What does everyone think? If there was enough interest I was thinking of printing out the post and sending it in to head of radio in RTE.
Does anyone else have any other ideas of what might be good?
This is such a great idea I wonder why its not been done?!
Maybe also have a bedtime hour at night for the toddlers around 7/8 with a story and some lullabies?

edited to add:
And maybe a story time hour for stories from around the world-everyday a different part...We used to have a programme like that tho it was just for the country but everyweek featured a different ethnic group...I thinkit was called Tales by moonlight...or something...but you get the gist!
That's a fantastic idea. I remember as a kid there were kids radio programs and we used to be glued to them. It would be nice for them to hear some irish voices too - most nursery rhyme and story tapes are in the best bbc accents.
Other ideas could be identifying sounds and talking about them - trip to the zoo, the beach, the seasonal sounds. Word games. Kids phone in of the school around the corner variety? Radio plays performed by kids. Language programs aimed at younger listeners. Round up of theatre / cultural events for kids.
A fab idea.I'd love to listen to this rather than having the box on in the corner.I'd imagine the issue of being commercially viable would come up for any radio station and there would have to be significant input from advertisers. Having said that manufacturers and service providers for kids would probably welcome the opportunity to target the very audience they aim to sell to(Pampers. babyfoods,toy shops,theme parks etc).
Why not write a letter to the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland. They're in charge of issuing licenses to independent radio stations and community radio. They have just published their children guidelines so kids are on the brain there if you get my meaning. I wouldn't bother with RTE, you don't want them taking your idea for themselves!!!!'s a great have a target audience(infant to 12 years) you have programme ideas and basically, it would be educational and fun...and something to put on during the school run that's SAFE to listen to IYKWIM
Brilliant idea Lynn,
At the moment I know by heart The Lion King, from wway back in my nieces day that has been passsed on to us, Telly TubbyAerobics, tapes from Winnie the Pooh's Nature Trail... vvvv good and all the nursey rhmes and all kiddie CD's. I would love some one to tell a story that continued the next night and really fired a child's imagination. You could be on to a winner... I'm in!!!
Go for it Lynn - what you've described sounds perfect!
I don't mean that I want to set it up! I'd be completely hopeless at that kind of thing. I was just thinking about campaigning for someone else to set one up.
I'm with you too, Lynn - it's a great idea. Surprised that the BBC hasn't something similar, given their dedicated children's television channel. Agree with the idea of commercial viability, but after all, it wouldn't be just the children who were listening! Can just imagine it - lively music in the morning to get you going and out of the house, a how-to cookery programme, arts and crafts, bedtime stories - it sounds great. Hope you get lots of expressions of interest. You only have to look at the birth rate in recent years (or the popularity of sites such as this) to realise that you could be on to a winner - there are far too many wall-to-wall music stations. Good to meet you recently. Regards, Linda.
Wonderful idea! I remember listening to Hans Christian Anderson on LP (plastic record things that look like big cd's for the younger readers!!!) and absolutely loved it, there once was an ugly duckling, with feathers all shabby and brown...........
My kids love the radio and cd's in the car but know what you mean about having something child friendly, the stuff you hear on the radio these days!!! It makes my hair curl!
Hey Lynn, maybe you could just manage the station - Kids FM!
Take care
Sarah x

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