Getting off bottle


Hi Guys,
DS will be two in Sept. and he take two bottles a day morning and afternoon. I really want to try and get him off them, he drinks water out of his beaker but nothing else no juices etc. he just doesnt like the. He wont take milk out of the beaker he has just wondering if anyone has any tips on this or what kind of beaker would you recommend. He takes 7 oz in both bottles.
Thanks a mil
I found that some of the beakers were impossible to get milk out of. One of the best ones that both my kids can drink out of are from an own brand in a large multiple beginning with T
Have you tried introducing the beaker of milk first thing in the morning when he is hungry i.e. before his breakfast and see how it goes from there?
Best of luck
took my dd2 bottle two weeks ago, between water juice and milk she was drinking up to 15 bottles of liquid a day - just took the bottle during the day for first two days and then at night - gave a beaker instead, and have had no problems - my advice just take it - they will cop on very quickly that its not coming back. My dd2 is 22 months. Good luck
They don't need juice so the fact that he won't drink that out of a beaker wouldn't bother me at all. In fact, once he is eating a good balanced diet he doesn't need milk either. So I'd reduce the amount in each bottle by an ounce or two every couple of days till you are down to a very small amount.
Vital and boots do a toddler training cup with a straw, i took out the straw bit leaving a valve so my DD still has to suck the milk out and hold it up like a bottle. She never had a soother so i think its her comfort thing, shes 3 and still has milk in morning and b4 bed but i've cut it down to 2 or 3 ounces. She doesn't like juice so am happy for her to drink milk.
Hope that helps. During day she drinks out of cups, glasses, sippy cups and water bottles whatever takes her fancy at the time!

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