Rainy days.... what to do?


Just wondering what you get up to on wet days!
I have 14 month old twins, and on a dry day we get on fine, lots of things to do.....dry weather just seems to offer so much more options.
When its wet day after day I find it very tough....they have the attention span of goldfish I guess if they were a bit older we could go to a playcentre, watch a DVD, bowling, arts and crafts, baking etc..
Maybe there are obvious things that I am overlooking....but new enough to this game
Has anyone any ideas?
do they like the bath? could you pop them in it for an hour witha few toys?
or, i used to get a tub of water, put lots of towels down and let dd splash about with her toys in it.
get cushions down from the sofa with blankets and make a little house for them
make hand and foot print paintings, if you have paint that washes off.
stick a dvd on and give them little munchies
My dd plays with play doh, I got a big mickey mouse mat in Lidl and I put it on the kitchen table and she plays away while I clean up etc. She makes a mess of it but it certainly keeps her occupied. Also I produce colouring books which she loves.
Another great thing is a few plastic beakers & a few bowls, spoons and maybe pots, give them a cup of rice each, I guarantee they will play away for at least an hour with it.
My dd plays with her kitchen, even a tea set keeps her occupied.
Also a dvd is great, set up cushions and blankets on the floor and they will be quite happy to sit and chill!
My dd is a HUGE peppa fan so if the rain is not too heavy I put on her wellies and rain coat and we go out to jump in "Muddy Puddles"
can I just ask what do they do with the rice?? Move it from cup to cup, or..?? Sorry i am also looking for ideas!
Thanks for the response girls
Overjoyed, I will try the "Den" idea, The bath is something I need another adult for, my DD is a monkey and itrs hard to control her in the bath. I have finger paints, but they are not interested, it lasts less than 5 mins
Loopy lu, will they not eat the rice? and playdo?
Lozza its hard to know what to do sometimes!
I think mine are at a funny stage, they are 14 months today, and just seem a bit young for some of the stuff, my friend DD is 21 months and there seems to be a huge difference in that 7 month period in terms of attention span......even things like the TV etc she will watch peppa etc, but mne have no interest. Mine like to climb....oh and climb....they do play with the toys too, and books always go down well.
I guess its trial and error
Instead of rice I use raisins - DS loves to 'cook', especially if I cook as well

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