Dentist at 4?


Hi everyone,
my dd who is 4 fell a few weeks ago and landed on her mouth, gave herself a right bang..
Have now noticed that her 2 front teeth are quite loose.. just wondering should I bring her to dentist, or would there be anything they could do?
teeth haven't turned black or anything but would be afraid she could end up loosing them as they are quite loose...
I don't know if they could do anything but it might be no harm in bringing her anyway.
Ring your local health centre and the schools dentist will see her (for free)
This happened to DD who's 2, and although there was nothing they could do, they checked the tooth to make sure it was not at risk of being inhailed. My DD's tooth settled down after a few weeks so although it's a bit grey they are happy to leave it be.
If it was looser, they may extract it to prevent it being inhailed or swallowed - although because your DD is a bit older, they may think she will be able to manage it herself without extracting it.
Thanks very much for that...
didn't realise I could see school one for free, will ring today for app...

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