Pooh!!! question - its green


I'm sure I have read that there is a reason for this but cant remember, ds2 has had 3 loose lime green nappies today - and according to his sister a purple one!! but cant verify that and she is a bit of a drama queen!, what could be causing it?, his bum is not sore and he is not off form - apart from being a narky crab - but that is par for the course lately , no strange foods either that I can think of
I think in smaller babies it's supposed to be hunger - but it'd hardly be that?
Maybe it's just something he ate that this time didn't agree with him. I wouldn't worry too much - it might be back to normal by tomorrow. If not then as long as he's in good form you could just monitor it and see how he's doing.
I thought it was to do with lactose (or some part of milk) and a difficulty in digesting it which could be them getting too many milk products or just having a temporary difficulty in digesting them (which could be a bug).
Funny, ds2 had a couple of nappies like that last week. I cut out his afternoon yog (though wasn't sure if that was the reason or teething related off-colourness) but he's fine again and eating his yog as usual with no problem.
Hi paula
Fiach had some kiwi fruit last week and had a green nappy from it. Are you sure it wasn't something he ate, such as kiwi, processed peas, or even a crayon ( Fiach gave me a fright with a red nappy once after chewing on a red crayon)?
Paula - P has produced some of the most amazing colours, usually depending on what he eats. From time to time they're green but to be honest, I dont look too hard anymore! We had a fluorescent green offering lately, but I think it was from a crayon. Hopefully O will be back to normal soon. If he's in good(ish!) form and eating well, its probably (hopefully) harmless.
Think green is a little gastric bug thing...but then has he eaten any green veg....C's are like this when he eats brocolli!
Thanks girls - defo no new or green food so probably bit of a gastric bug and has been drinking more milk than usual so that wont have helped, they are not as bad today
By any chance have you chaged to an iron containing formula - my Ds started to be dark green poo since starting follow on milk. Might be worth checking out too .

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