frizzy bed head hair!


DD wakens up every morning with what I can only describe as a frizzy birds nest in the back of her hair I have a detangling spray but it just flattens it, it still looks all fine and wirey!
I use Burts Bees shampoo on her, any recommendations for anything else?
hi, my DD2 & DD3 wake up the same every morning, DD3 is worse but she has straight hair whereas DD2 has curly hair so its gone into little dreads lol we refer to DD3 as her Russel Brand hairdo lol
anyway i had the avon detangler n didnt work very well so i kept the bottle, filled it with small bit of leave in conditioner and water n it works a treat
We use the Revlon 2phase leave in conditioner. It doesn't build up, the curls bounce right back and it helps with the brushing.
I found the children's detanglers just left her with doll hair.
You can buy it online, in the hairdressers suppliers or at a hairdressers that uses revlon products. It's dear enough but last ages
DD has curly hair and like that after her nap it looks like shes been dragged through a bush. I just spray a few sprays of leave in conditioner on her hair and wet my hands and detangle with my fingers. It dries into curls in a few minutes again and she looks only gorgeous
Buy a satin pillow case, u know one of the kinda shiny ones, hair slides over it and doesn't get that big knotted bit at the back.
I just recently used a leave-in conditioner spray from L'Occitane. I bought it yonks ago but never tried it, and it fell out of a drawer the other day so I decided to use it.
I haven't been able to wash babs hair as he's been sick, but the last time he had a bath I used it (prob 4 or 5 days ago now...usually have a bath every day but not while sick).
I think I put a bit too much on (maybe 6 squirts), as it looked slightly greasy initially. But seeing as I still haven't washed his hair it looks fab & smells gorgeous! Usually it is very prone to tangling at the back cos it's so fine.
Prior to using this spray I was using my own regular hair conditioner on him nearly every time I washed it. Plus, I recently started to use a tiny bit of my own shampoo, as the Infacare that I was using all along was actually quite drying on his hair.
Johnson's No More Tangles shampoo used in combo with Johnson's No More Tangles Leave In Conditioner works here.
We have a lady who also has a tuft at the back of her head and who objects mightily to brushing of any for clips or pigtails to try and control the hair..........!
DD is the same, so every morning the routine is clean teeth, clean face and wet back of hair with my wet hands.
I then brush/comb her hair loosely to get knots out , stick clip in and fluff up the back with my fingers to loosen the hair and her hair then dries very quickly with lovely bouncy curls.
I don't use detangler spray or leave in conditioner or any other product... just water.
DS gets this all the time, he's such a sweaty head. In the mornings, I get a wide toothed comb, wet it and comb through his hair and kind of fluff it a bit (he has curls at the back ) and this usually makes it looks respectable enough to leave the house! If the knots are very bad, I rub a teeny tiny amount of conditioner on the comb with the water.
I use the avon one, and it curls up dd's hair beautifully!
It has improved since her hair has grown a bit.
Thanks girls, I got her a leave in spray conditioner today so Ill see if it works. Her hair isn't even curly Poker straight, and quite fine. Must get it trimmed again too.
Ive used every kid shampoo and even my Elvive colour one on DD but Russel Brand hair every morning...
Tried the Cien one shampoo and conditioner last night on her and her hair is fab all day today, really shiny and easy to manage, no tangles this morning, will see how it is tomorrow morning & report back as it will be 2 days since using it, Usually by then her hair is like a cat dragged through a bush backward.

My DD is the same, straight and fine hair (opposite to me, mines curly/frizzy )
Even after I have washed her hair and have used leave in conditioner, the minute she leans against something it turns into a birds nest. Even leaning on the leather sofa does this!!! Its driving me crazy. I got her hair cut last Monday, and a lot of the birds nest area was taken out. The hairdresser used a leave in spray and it still went awful!!!

Same product, works well. I use an empty btl to fill with water, pat the fuzz down and then curl it upwith the spray. Even if it is straight it will work. DDS gor my hair, lucky them

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