Mimicking bad behaviour


DS is copying behaviour that his cousins are left away with.
They are not stopped from swearing, kicking, hitting in any way that makes them see they do wrong.
If DS does the above he is removed from the room and there are consequences.
I cannot stop him from seeing these children, but hate when he thinks it's ok for him to do as they do. It may be tolerated in their house, but it won't be here.
He kicked me this morning, (by mistake, as it was intended for DD) in the same sneaky way his cousin does it. I told him off, then he just did it again to his sister.
When I tried to correct him, he laughed at me. Typical of the cousins, being given out to doesn't bother them.
Any ideas on how to make him see sense?
I hate having to go "all out" to make him see this behaviour is not tolerated in this house.
i had a day of it with ds yesterday, he was so bold , i actually told him he would be sleeping with the hens last night, i think they try to push the barriers just to see how far they can go... i had to walk away last night as i was so mad in the end he did say sorry and knows he was wrong
Just stay consistent with him. He's only 3 and he'll soon get the message that bad behaviour isn't tolerated in your house. Make sure there are consequences too (appropriate to his age) so that he really understands that what he's doing is wrong.

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