DD is emotionally black mailing me!


DD (4) wants something shes not allowed and wont sop nagging... This thing being a fizzy drink. Shes not allowed them because I was severely alergic to fizzy drinks as a child and dont want her going through the stomache cramps and sickness I used to have. Anyway, she was playing on her DSi and took a picture of her puppy dog eyes and then used the graffiti thing on it to put tear drops coming down her face... she showed me and said mummy look how sad I am... I felt like laughing and crying all at once!
LoL that is so sweet
Ah that is cute, just give her a hug and tell her not to be sad and dont enter in to why she is sad, ah bless arent they too clever for their own good!
She sounds exacly like my dd
he he he my lo is also guilty of this....i just ignore her and then ask what kind of person does she want to be a happy or sad one...usually i get happy,and thats the end of the whining!
if she says she wants to be sad i say ok,but that nobody else wants to be sad so we dont have any fun until shes happy again!
always ends with a hug!

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