Preference Creche near Trinity or near home?


Girls just throwing this out there. I need cover for joshua for september when i start college. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on which is better...nearer to home or nearer to trinity.....
Anywhere near Trinity is going to be much more expensive.
When I was working in Grand Canal Terrace all the creches were at least €100 more per week than they would be at home (D12)
Other thing to consider-
Most creches are also 8-6. If you had a 9am lecture would you make it in from home in the hour?
Doesn't Trinity have a creche, or is that just for children of staff?
Many congrats on getting in to the course by the way - thrilled for you ( and the other MMs too).
I supose one consideration is this, if you have a study day or are off sick, will you want to use the creche? if so, near home is a better idea than near Trinity.
Another is - do you want DS to have your commute?
If you have a backup person near home to collect DS from creche in a hurry, should you need it, then near home is possibly the better option.
These were our considerations when choosing a creche way back when.
Best of luck!
Thanks girls, home really does seem the best option, never thought of sick/off days....
The trinity creche is full already. I'll wait and see my timetable and take it from there.....
Thanks again...
I would definately go with near home, ideal for holidays for you or study days or those inevitable sick days.
Interesting thoughts on a creche nearer to home - I wouldn't have thought of the commute or days off etc... Closer to home is probably best but when I saw the title of the post, I was coming in to say that I'd prefer closer to Trinity so if there was any problem during the day, you'd be close at hand. You also wouldn't have the stress of the rush home to make sure you were there in time for pick up.
On balance, home is probably best but they'd be my reasons for choosing near Trinity if I were in your situation.
Big congrats on getting into the course - I read about you and the other MMs at the time! What a wonderful new career to be embarking on!! You must be so excited!!
what's the course?
I work in trinity and was so annoyed that hte creche was full. App you have to put baby's name down when you have a pos pregnancy test.Ugh. I would also say closer to home, wherever that is, and if you can find a nice childminder, even better!
good luck!

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