ds obsessed with my boobs!!!


I am expecting my second child next friday and my ds (2yrs 9 months) is very interested in the whole thing. He is suddenly obsessed with my boobs wanting to look at them and touch them. think this stems from seeing people breastfeed and telling him thats what our baby will be doing. Feel very uncomfortable about this but dont want to start any bad feeling. I know he will want to suck etc as well and I hate the idea of this- feel very uncomfortable. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?
Just an idea 'cos I'm not in that situation yet myself and wouldn't have a clue how to tackle it either, but if he want's to suck I'd try to explain that they are the special "containers" for the baby's food and nobody else can use them, and if he wants to try it he can, but from a bottle, so you can express a bit and offer it to him....
As for him looking at your boobs and poking them and all that... I think that's natural curiosity, new baby or not. My DD has started showing an interest in the differences between her dad and her mam (boobs being one of them) and she's not 2 yet... makes me unconfy too but hoping she'll grow out of it
My DS1 went through a boob-obession aswell when I had DS2 and he was bf. I just told him the milk was special baby-milk to help baby grow like he did and that when he was a baby he drank it and grew big and tall. He seemed to accept that part but still wanted to come over and poke at them. I just started picking him up and cuddling him real close after I'd finished feeding DS2 and telling him he was a big boy and got big Mammy hugs now and that DS2 got different hugs cos he was smaller. Sort of made it up as I went along and soon he got bored of the boobs and went on to the next thing. It really is a phase with them and it's only because they are a little put out by the arrival of a new little person and think they won't get as much love anymore. Just re-assure him and he'll probably be ok.
I had this for the last few months, it's just tailing off. It usually started when I was hugging him and the would suddenly realise they were there and start poking while shouting "Booby".....did it in Superquinn one day.
My DS 22 months same. Everyone's boobies - daddy's and now, Francis has boobies. Was playing with him earlier and leaning forward in a camisole sun top and he said 'mummy's boobies', then 'no touch', so I think that he must have been after the creche ladies' boobies too! (I don't say 'no touch' to him, more 'they're mummies, stop poking them!' or something like that)
God knows what they must think at the creche. He's quite fond of pointing out his willie when we're changing his nappy too.
I think my DS will be a boob boy for ever. I breastfed him until he was 2 and a half and he's never forgotton. He's now 5 but still loves my 'Babs'!! If he ever sees me getting dressed his eyes light up and he run towards me with hands ready to grab!!
So sorry Kermit not much advice for you here but best of luck with the birth!
Yep, I'm just going through this now with DS - the last few evenings, changing his nappy, he says 'want to see Mama's boobs!', and a couple of times has grabbed my top and had a good look. I'm just giving up breastfeeding DD now, and am looking forward to getting my boobs back to myself - MINE!!! HANDS OFF EVERYBODY!!!!

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