Whinging aaaaaaagh


At my wits end here, over the last 3 months my DD is whinging constantly, every minute of the day. I have no idea what's got into her, she's usually such a happy little bunny, she is not whinging in the creche, comes out all smiles, she doesn't whinge when she's with grandparents, visitors etc, basically it's only when she is around me and DH
We have tried to get the message through that when she whinges she will be punished ie, no video, fav toy / bike taken away, no threats but nothing seems to be getting through. We have also tried ignoring her even that's not working.
I am usually quite a patient woman but my patience is really wearing thin
Any advise.
I have her twin sister in my house, well not really as she is only 2.5 years old but my God she could whinge for Ireland.
I have tried everything, time out, ignore reward, you name it and it still continues.
Like your DD she is sweetness and light with everyone else but as soon as she sees me she is in whine mode.
Drive me absolutely nuts I can tell you.
Sorry no help but you are not alone.
Thank God I'm not the only one. My eldest is 3 and a half and has turned into a desperate whinger also. Terrible 2's were nothing. Everything is an argument and I'm constantly chastising her. Feel guilty about it cos all I seem to do is give out to her.
I have to cajole her down the stairs, into the toilet and out to the car in the morning.
Hoping she grows out of it. She probably will have by the time DD2 starts!
My DS is exactly the same - he used to be so good but since a few months ago he whinges from the minute he gets up until i put him to bed. He doesnt do it in nursery or while he is with my mum. It drives me and his daddy CRAZY! And its always over silly things. I hope it ends soon.
Whinging is the one thing I can't stand, I can't cope with it at all. All I can suggest is give lots and lots of positive attention when things are going well and once the whinging starts walk away and ignore, go into a different room if possible (explain that whinging is not allowed and would he please stop first).
Hate whinging hate it, hate it, hate it.
DD aged 4 is at it constantly as well. I keep telling her that I wont answer unless she speaks to me in her nice voice. Sometimes it works and sometimes........oh its just so hard to keep your patience.
Funny enough she doesnt whine at all in the creche or when she is with one of us on our own but as soon as we are both in the same she goes.
Looking forward to that phase ending.

No real solution so, but it's good to hear i'm not alone
My DD is at the whinging and whining and moaning at the moment. She is prone to moan but lately it is never ending. I feel terrible saying it but I nearly dread seeing her cos I know the first thing she does is moan and groan. It's driving me insane. She is 4. Anyone else who has minded her recently is saying she is not not like that with them but the minute I walk in the door she is off. This morning she woke up in my bed and opened her eyes and mouth whining and moaning. I feel I am about to blow my top. yes I have let a few shouts but Im afraid I'll lose the head altogether. I'm a single parent so I can't even run off for a while and let someone else take over. I am constantly tired which doesn't help for dealing constructively with the situation. Sometimes I just feel like sitting there and crying. Sorry for hijacking someone else's post but didn't want to set up another thread for practically the same thing......
Does anyone actually know why kids act up with their parents (in particular their mammies) and not with other people like their minders??? I just can't understand the psychology behind it.
Any psychologists out there to shed light on this?
Jefferssss don't be too hard on yourself, I lost it with my DD last night all constructiveness out the window but at least I could hand her over to my DH go out for a walk and relax the head, you can't do this which makes it extra hard. I have no advise on how to make them stop the whinging apparently it's a phase in the meantime is there anyone around that can take her for even a hr in the evening for you to get out for a walk, I find even if I am wrecked tired I always feel better after a walk.
Hope things get better soon.
Well im relieved its not just me. I can relate to everyone of you!! Why is it just the mammies?? My theory is we are softer than anyone else. There were times we gave in too easily for something in particular and it was remembered.
Its hard to listen to the constant whining(lately im thinking its the heat) and i have to close the windows in case the neighbours think im a bad mother.
My daughter is at the stage where she wants constant entertainent from me. Im a SAHM and i have no life at all. If i walk out of the room she whinges and when i walk into the room she whinges.
Ill be grateful for any advice as well.

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