Has anyone else got a 13mth old like this..


My ds just wants to be up in my arms all day long. He is not happy unless I'm carrying him around. He whinges and cries if I put him down for a second. I cant get anything done with him. Its exhausting and really starting to get to me. Ive tried ignoring it but I always end up giving in and picking him up. He'll happily sit on the floor and play with me but the minute I get up he goes mad. I'm starting to dread getting up in the mornings because the constant crying/whinging is getting to me.
Any advice
No advice but feel your pain - I could have written your post word for word! Will be wathing this thread for some advice
I read the title and knew this was what it would be about. DS1 was like that and DS2 is beginning to be like this. I have to say I found it the hardest stage in his life and much harder then newborn and toddler phase.
It seems the more independent they become the more they want you. Teething also does not help.
My advice - just go with it. Hold them when they need it as it is a phase and will pass in a few months
Thanks guys.
The funny thing is my mam says that dd used to be the very same at that age but I can never remember it being this bad and she's only 2.5!
Ah he'll grow out of it eventually.. It was just really getting to me this morning. The house is such a mess and I can never seem to get anything done with ds permanently attached to my hip!
Yes my DS is EXACTLY like this and has been since he was born. TBH (and I might sound mean) I have started to leave him crying as he gets LOTS of attention and now that he has started walking it is changing a bit and he is playing and exploring by himself. It is terrible. He only does it with me and DH is firm that he has to learn. He is right, I ahve watched DS and he does it for a while (crying on his tummy and holding onto my legs) if I don't react he gets up and toddles off. My heart aches in the meantime, but I have DD and housework and the usual other things to contend with too!
ETA Have just noticed that my DD and DS are the same age as yours! Hard work eh!!
dd2 was like this and still is to a point, maybe its second child syndrome fighting for their place in teh family. I would say my dd2 gets more of my attention because of the whinging and screaming than the other two put together, which means I feel bad for the other two so end up leaving them up later so I can spend some quality time with them. My lady is 28 months now and she has improved but some days she is still as bad as she was a year ago. It is difficult, I dont know that I agree with posters who are saying just go with it because that is what I have done and I think I have probably made the situation worse. I am starting with the firmness now, like dd2 mummy has to do x and then I will play with you or mummy has to feed ds or do dd1s homework and then I will play with you. Its really difficult and I feel for you because some days are difficult and I believe by getting the child not as reliant on you is probably the best option.
Good luck
oh im just starting this phase with dd2 ......she is wanting me all the time for the last few weeks.....wont even go to my sis who she adores.....she is whingy now too.....and its getting to me......ahhhhh.....its def the worst phase....
Try getting him involved with stuff you are doing, like playing with the plastic tubs when you are in the kitchen.
Its a phase though, it passes.
Is he walking yet?
Its good to know i'm not alone!
Yeah he is walking.
My sister took dd yesterday for a few hours so it was just me and ds at home and he was a lot better. He was happy to sit by himself and play as long as he was in the same room with me.
He's back to his usual self today though!

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