Icecream... bad or ok?! :icecream:


Just wondering what the general consenous is on ice cream for toddlers? My DD gets treated several times a week and LOVES it, especially for sore teeth. She is a pretty good eater, fruit and veg galore so i dont really mind her having it.. at least it has milk content. But all the same it kinda worries me that she is getting so addicted.
Any about frozen yoghurt? Or can you actually just freeze normal yoghurt or is there a difference? When we are at home i usually try and put some berries or fruit or cereal into it to make it a bit more nutrious but more often that not its a cornetto in the buggy to keep her in there as all she wants to do is get out and walk nowadays... cute but very messy!
Another part of me, kind of thinks "what the hell" sure dont half the kids i see have a packet of Tayto in one hand and a lolly in the other!
our DD loves frozen things, so we cut bananas into pieces and freeze them in cling film. That way she's happy and we feel we're giving her something healthy. She loves frozen red and black currants.
But then she also prefers to eat her bread frozen instead of toasted, so maybe she's a little bit mad anyway...
We also love ice cream in our house. To be honest I think a bit of it is fine as long as it is good quality and not the whipped air and fat that passes for it sometimes!
I get Tipperary organic vanilla and hide lots of goodies like chopped fruit in it or I serve it with sugar-free homemade muffins made with blueberries, carrots etc.
And remember, good quality ice cream provides some calcium and vitamin D
I think your right that everything is ok once in moderation
We got the Danone icepop sticks during the summer so now I always make sure there are a few frozen danone yoghurts in the fridge or as DD likes to call them "pops", frozen yoghurt really is very tasty!
To be honest, some yoghurt has so much sugar that icecream is probably no worse - you just think the yoghurt is healthier. I used to love putting ordinary yoghurt in the freezing compartment of the fridge and eating it rock hard when I was a child - should have patented it before they started selling it that way! We haven't given dd icecream yet, but she eats a huge amount of yoghurt. In fact, apart from a nibble of toast, that is all she will eat at breakfast time. She used to love Readybrek with banana mixed in, but no more. I tried her with porridge the other day, and she didn't even taste it. Have you seen the recipe in Food and Nutrition for sugar free muffins? I've made them minus the dates and pecans, and they are delicious.
Hi there; I would be of the view that maybe once a week would be plenty if not once every 10 days. I don't think I'd be offering Cornettos several times a week (maybe I've misuderstood your post - aplogies if I have). We make fruit juice lollies in our house but again maybe they'd be too much for little tummies. Certainly, if you feel she is gettign addicted then I'd stop before you hit the terrible 2's and she screams for an ice-cream everytime you go into a shop!!
We put good quality icecream in a cone, that way you can get away with giving a small amount of icecream as opposed to a bowl of icecream.
I think ice cream is a lovely occasional treat. Recently we’ve started making our chap little wafers, although mostly he squeezes the ice cream out. I think proper frozen ice cream is okay but I never let him have whipped cones etc. I’ve heard too many stories about bacteria surviving because the temperature isn’t cold enough.

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