Advice from preschool teachers pls


Just for some background we have two Montessori classes, one has all pre JI children, the other has 6 pre JI and 8/9 part timers. The set up has worked well all year and the groups would be aware of each other....they mix for music/dance, birthdays and yard time. In amongst all the children we have 2 non-national children and 1 adopted from Vietnam. We've ALWAYS had at least one non-national in our class.
Now the issue...although it happened outside school it has upset the mother and us, the staff. Yesterday after the children were collected by parents 3 of the girls were playing and the child from Vietnam ran to them to play and was told by one child "You can't play, only girls the same colour as us can play" The child's mother was stunned and the other mothers didn't hear.
One of this group of girls has previously told her mother that the little girl couldn't come to her party as she was a different colour. Her mother rang and told us, the next week we changed our themes and did friends/how we are all different/the same.
That was only 5 weeks am looking for advice on how to approach this again?
The parents of the girls have been spoken to and were upset but where do we go from here with the class........all these girls will go into the same JI in Sept and the mother is quite worried wether these girls will include her child??????????
Any advice?
This is a very difficult situation as i believe this does not come from children but from parents but how to broach i wonder could you have a parents night and within it explain the ethos of the school behaviour and aims and the non tolerance of exclusion of children with weight problems special needs and race and that you are setting up a new programme with in the school to teach the children not to tolerate bullying with an aim to prepare them for big school a stay safe programme of sorts hope this helps i belive you must make it clear that certain behaviour is not allowed
if you contact your local ccc they may have some information they can give you......failing that why not try the ippa, i have always found them to be a wealth of information about everything!! they have always pointed me in the right direction!!

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