Curly haired kids


Hi, DD has curly hair. Its short looking when it is dry but down to shoulders when wet. Its really cute when just washed but alot of the time she looks like she has been dragged through some bushes backwards. I clip back the front because it is in her eyes, but otherwise do not tie it up.
In the mornings between washes (every second night) I spritz with leave in conditioner and water mix.
Anyone do anything different? I'd like her hair to be the way it is post-washing all of the time, but I guess this isn't possible.
Would love to know an answer to this too - have had poker-straight hair my whole life and haven't a clue how to manage my LO's mane!

I have a curly headed ds with the very same hair as myself. Like your dd his hair is down past his shoulder blades when wet. I rarely use shampoo on him or me; just wash with warm water and sometimes a bit of conditioner (doesn't have to be the leave in kind, most conditioners work fine as 'shampoo'). After the bath I rub in a small amount of conditioner which prevents the hair getting fuzzy and keeps the curls defined. His hair is shiny with lovely curls most of the time.
The book 'curly girl' is a great read on this and there is a chapter about kids' hair. I can lend it if you're interested.
One of my twins (2.5) has curly hair and doesn't like her hair up or clips/hairbands in. We tend to just towel dry it as it turns to fuzzy big hair 80's style if we blow dry it or even brush it too much

that's another thing - don't brush curly hair. Only time ds has had a comb to his head was for his 2 hair cuts. Aged 6 and only two hair cuts - curly hair is slower getting started
My dd's hair is mad curly. After years of hassle with it, I have found that if you loosely plait it at night it is perfect.
my ds2 has really curly hair, he is 2 and had it cut for the first time last week as it was half way down his back when wet. it is absolutely gorgous after he has a bath and gets all these little blond ringlets but the morning after its like he was dragged backwards through a bush. i normally spray it with a detangling spray which i pick up in my local supermarket for just over a euro, run the comb through it when wet and then scrunch it back up with my fingers, works a treat to get the frizziness out and it will last all day like that
Thanks, thing is I have curly hair myself so I know never to brush it etc. I can't plait it, theres not enough of it.
I guess I'll just keep doing what I am doing until it grows a bit more evenly. Did you find the hair got less curly as child got older/hair thickened out?
I use detangling spray comb it and scrunch it, otherwise she looks like shes be dragged backwards through a hedge
I second the use of conditioner to wash it, only use shampoo if the hair or scalp really needs a good wash.
What i have found to be great is hair serum.
When the hair is wet rub the suggested amount through the hair, using your hands like a comb.
The hair has to be wet, the serum seals the moisture into the hair.
Serums can be expensive but boots have an own brand one for about €2.50.
In the morning spritz the hair ( i use my own spray - cooled boiled water, tea tree oil or lavendar oil, and a squirt of conditioner, mix together in a spray bottle).
After spritzing i rake through the hair with my fingers and then style it whatever way i want to.
Girls what products do you use?
BB x
Does the washing in just conditioner/spritzing in conditioner not dull the hair down?
DD has a big mop of curls too , she was bald till she was 2 , and its a nightmare to manage
My dd has long curly hair and I find the best way to look after it is to condition it well after washing. In the morning I lightly comb it and spray it with a solution of water and conditioner, then scrunch. If its cold out and I dont want her going out with damp hair then I just tie it back that day .
Here she is on a fairly good hair day
Interesting thread. DD1 (4) has curly hair and can look like the bush backwards scenario as well! I've always brushed it and have never used conditioner - shampoo it once a week and leave to dry naturally. Have poker straight hair myself so not sure how best to manage curls. DD2 is also beginning to get curly.
What conditioner do you use?

No.1 rookie mistake for curly hair . NEVER brush it. I only ever use a wide toothed comb on it and even then only comb it very lightly when its dry, ie just enough to take the unkempt look off it. I give it a good comb then when its wet and generally leave it to dry naturally unless I am in a hurry, I would dry it with the diffuser on the hairdryer then.
As for conditioner I find any one will do, just lather it on after shampooing and then rinse out, makes it much easier to comb then. If I didnt put conditioner in dds hair it would be very knotty and hard to comb out.
The curly girl routine says not to use products with parabans ir silicones, but to be honest, i dont have the time to be remembering what to look out for and searching ingredients lists.
I switch over products regularly, because i find that the hair gets too used to the product iykwim?
At the moment im using one for curly hair, i think it's l'oreal, the shampoo and conditioner are in purple bottles and i think they have lavendar in them.
The other day i saw that my chemist was stocking a new range of products called "twisted sister" specfically for curly hair.
I got the curl reviver and serum to try out, everything was only €1.50 a bottle, so much cheaper than other specialist ranges.
If you do a search for the curly girl routine you'll come across a few forums for people with curly hair, and you'll get ideas from there.
One other thing i do is to try have dd's hair plaited when going to bed.
It really saves it from all those bed tangles.
Also, if it's very windy out i'll keep her hair up.
rosepetal, your dd is beautiful, I LOVE her hair.
For my dd we use a tangle teaser to get out the knots and then I spray it with loads of 2phase conditioner to get the curls back. Her hair is side parted and I plait the front (the bit that would be her fringe) and that stays in for a few days at a time.
Thanks Leaev! I sometimes use the 2 phase conditioner too, its very good but I found it very expensive, I think I paid €16.50 for it the last time I bought it.
Yeah, it is but it lasts for about 4 months here and that's with me using it too. I buy the biggest bottle in the suppliers and its around €20 for 500mls (I think it's good value online but I never manage to order it before I run out of it )

bought that tangle teaser for dd2 hair, her hair is something else, i know a friend of my sister has the most fantastic head of curls and she hardly ever uses shampoo
Let's just say that we have rather a lot of experience with curls here.
Don't get hung up on whether to use shampoo or not as long as the shampoo is decent quality.
A really good, thick conditioner though is essential for curls and you should comb the sopping wet hair through with a rake (or similar) while the conditioner is still in it. If you find it extremely hard to comb through, you need a better conditioner. Note too that if you want to check for nits, you should use that comb after the rake but while the conditioner is still in. Rinse thoroughly and then barely blot the hair dry. Do not rub the towel all over the head like a mad woman. Use a product that is suitable for leaving in curly hair. Comb through for the last time with a wide toothed comb, or your fingers, to distribute the product evenly. If possible avoid the hairdryer entirely.
Nothing to add to this thread but hoping I will need this advice as dd3's hair is looking like it is going to be curly & I am so excited! As a poker straight girl I have longed for curls.
Actually-can I ask when you realised your lo's hair was really curly & not just baby curly? DD's is curly around the back which isn't unusual for a baby but it can be quite ringlety (!) into the root iykwim. Would this indicate curly hair?

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