The recent bug, did your lo get a bad cough?


The boys got the vomiting bug last Sunday and then from Monday they've had diarrohea (although ds1 seems to be over it and ds2 almost). Ds1 got a bad cough with the bug, we actually thought it was the cough that made him vomit. Ds2 now appears to have a bad hoarsey cough the last day or two. I've been to the docs with ds1 in the past week as he got a very bad ear infection, but not sure if I should bring them both now or just let the cough run its course? What are you giving them for the cough? I have Epu (what's it called), ran out of Benylin.
Posted a couple times re this over past couple weeks & was putting it down to ds cutting his last teeth. started with runny nose & then got an awfully bad cough so much so that when he was lying down & it was very bad he was throwing up
Doc put him on Alupent for the same thing last year & so he rang in perscription for same & after 5 days on this it cleared it up although seems to have constant runny nose. Is it Exputex you are talking about. Thats good alright. & try some vicks on chest/soles of feet. Karvol in the bedroom will help too.
Hope both your boys get better soon
Yes 100% .I also felt he was vomiting because of the cough and it was only when we all started vomiting that i realised it was part of the bug .Ds2 had it a week ago last Friday and still has the cough part put its a lot softer than it was .I am leaving it run its course as he is not bothered by it at all .It is irritating him a bit at night okay
Thanks girls, the sooner the better sickness leaves this house, I'm bloody sick of it at this stage.

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