My baby is growing up!


my baby girl was 2 yesterday and I cant believe it!
For the first time in 8 years i have no baby in the house and it makes me a bit sad
Oh well,time to start living I suppose

Oops sorry bout that!Dont know how to make it smaller!
Look at that hair... what a little cherub (and if shes anything like mine I bet she isn't .. )
Just enjoy all the new things shes doing every day
Oh Mini.. don't make it smaller. What a little cutie! My little woman will be 2 at the end of Oct and is often found with a 'baby' in her arms and a chocolatey face like your little woman!!
Brought a smile to my face...
...or time to start making more mini!
Awww thanks girls!
E-She is far from a cherub!she rules the house!
Cris-She goes nowhere without a baby and that is the latest addition she is holding while eating b-day cake!
Bedbugs-will you stop!I dont need a very hard push!
heh heh heh....
well, you'll never do it younger!
If they are all that gorgeous I can understand why you have 5 of them (or 6 )
Thanks Claire!
Will ye stop encouraging me.If I decide I want another one it will be all MM fault and DH will take away the PC!!
I had a maternity nurse help me look after DD2 and DD3 when DH was away when they were babies. She had 10 children in 13 years before her DH suggested it might be time she looked after other peoples babies rather than having more of their own.
i would just like to add, that my ds1 has started playschool 3 weeks ago... and all of a sudden I feel sad, because once they start school I think they will grow up even quicker. Times like this I wish i was a stay at home mum so I could hear all his news of the day - what they did, what songs and who he played with. I feel in the evening there is so much to do that he is not getting the attention he needs. Although one thing i have started and I feel it really has brought us much closer is reading our favourite stories and ds2 really joins in so he feels he is not being left out.
Just had to share this - thanks
macie,definitely once they start schoolthey grow up very fast.I cant believe that 3 of mine are in school and 1 in playschool!
the thing aout the baby is that when the others were her age I was heavily prenant agin so this is new to me.A 2 year old and not pregnant!!
mini what an adorable photo of your little angel, now that my trio are at school its amazing how many people have asked will you be having another one soon to keep you busy
Mini She's gorgeous,
Lovely curlssssssssssss

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