Recipes for Little Delias??!


Apart from the usual choc rice krispies and buns, are there any other easy recipes that you cook with your kids? Elin LOVES rolling out pastry but I'm out of ideas as to what she can make..would love to make some savoury stuff..any ideas much appreciated!!
Loup I don't have any recipes to hand but just a suggestion what about little pizza snails like AK does?
Also, just thinking about what DD was tucking into last night but what about little individual jam tarts. You could either buy or save from boxes of jam tarts the little tin cases & cut the pastry circles out with a glass or cup then spread with jam.
Something else which is quite easy to make as it is an all in one mixture is banana bread, DD helps me mix once I have all the ingredients in the bowl.
HTH & can't wait to see some other ideas. Bon apetit
I don't have a Jamie Oliver on my hands yet so I'm recalling what my sister did with her kids when they were younger.
One thing that was a big hit was Fairy/Queen cakes. The kids loved to lick the bowl afterwards and giving it a stir was a bit thrill as well. She used to decorate them in different ways using smarties, jellytots, icing etc.
Mini-pizzas were also another thing the kids loved. She would either make the dough herself or buy the smallest size in Tesco/Dunnes and the kids would put their own toppings on them.
As Scooby said a lot of the AK recipes would be suitable to cook together I'm sure. At the end of the day once they get to make a mess and can cover themselves in flour etc they don't really care what the end product is!!!
Happy cooking (God where do you get the energy???),
Muffins, buns and rice krispie cakes obviously - I measure, he pours and stirs. He also "helps" with the bread maker. Coming up on the anniversary of our first bake-together occassion which was last year's Christmas puddings - he was 20 months then and thought this was a big thrill. Good thing about it the quantities are so huge, if junior decides to dump the whole bag of raisins in it's not going to make a terrible difference. Looking forward to doing that again this year now that he knows more about the intricacies of baking
We also do pizzas, but yes, must do more savoury stuff. Sometimes I do veggie sausages in the food processer and he helps put the stuff in, or we do juicing or smoothies, but nothing too complicated.
OK ladies have to own up and say I can't bake or never tried that is. Will cook anything but haven't a clue how to make dough. So can someone post a receipe for the mini pizzas or recommend a good book.
Hi All
If you haven't baked to date try Betty Crocker choc chip cookies, easy peasy and kids love them (just add water and egg kind of thing). Also apple crumble is easy and lots of apples around at the moment. My daughter loves making scrambled egg - feels she has really cooked a whole dinner! and also french toast and also dipping fish in flour - anything where she gets to dip or crack an egg is a major hit!
I was looking for a recipe at home over the weekend and I pulled out some of those Tesco Recipe magazines. They come out once a month and they do a kids corner so you might get some ideas from that. You can get loads of kids cookery books in your local library as well so it might be worth a look there.
Hi all,
I do the usual buns, rice krispy buns, i also do scones and sausage rolls
DS loved cutting out the scones and rolling out the sausage meat for the sausage rolls - and then of course eating them!!!
Hes almost 9 now so prefares playing football, but he still likes to help sometimes!!
Thanks some good suggestions..didn't even know the Tesco mag had a kids section..thanks Jackie, will try that! Making mini pizzas tonight!!
Good luck with the mini pizzas!! The Tesco mag does 1 kids recipe in each edition. Some of them seem to be for older kids but there are some that your DD could easily help you with.
If you get a blast of inspiration for any other recipes, let us know. I'm sure DS is coming to that age where he'll want to "help" soon!!!
My boy is five but last week he made homemae chicken goujons and baken potatoes and really enjoyed himself.He has also made meatballs and spagetti and profiteroles,.Tomorrow we are attempting fudge brownies and chocolate cookies fingers crossed and apple crumble.
Try the odlums web site, they have a kids section which is quite good.
I think its
Happy cooking.
We make mini pizzas all the time, great snack and better than munching on crisps. We don't use pizza dough we use muffins (not the chocolate variety!)
Get one plain bread muffin ( these freeze well so you'll always have a supply) cut in half, spread both sides with an italian style tomato sauce, we use Bunalun organic tomato sauce with a little fresh oregano(optional) then add your favourite toppings, we use grated cheese, cherry tomato halves, sweetcorn, pineapple, peas!, chicken, tuna and black olives....not all at once!!! the kids decide which toppings and they decorate their own pizzas, usually it's Mom with tomato eyes, olive nose, tuna mouth and cheese hair!!!! throw the pizzas in the oven at 180 for about 8-10 minutes........HTH, Lon.

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