Where to buy Snufflebabe?


Having posted several times this morning (work related of course!) I spent my lunch hour going to several chemists in city centre looking for said snufflebabe only to be met with quizzical stares!
Girls, please tell me where I can get my hands on some, I'm on my last legs with tiredness and poor 'oul DS isn't much better
Hildaq, as far as I know it has been taken off the market. I got it with DS1 almost four years ago and soon after I think I head it was taken off. Sorry!!!
How old is DS? Olbas oil does the same thing. Don't think it's suitable for very young babies though.
vicks do Baby Balsam - very like the snufflebabe and available in all chemists... Karvol is good too for decongestion....
I can get it in chemist in scotland. Want some posted?
is it not called snafflebaby? like viks but for kids? i got some last week in a chemist in clonee
I can't believe it's been taken off the market, but the other moms are right, there are loads of other options - Karvol is excellent and I got Olbas Oil for kids in Boots in Liffey Valley too. I guess the advantage of snufflebabe was that you could put it on their chest or throat directly whereas with the other two you either put it in warm water in the room or on a hanky near the bed or something like that. Did the chemists you went to offer you any of these alternatives?
Hope DS feels better soon.
Hi all !
Thanks for all the advice.......I have been using Karvol and also putting some olbas oil in an oil burner for a little while in his room, but it just made no difference to him! I was in a right panic yesterday coming back from town.....I just couldn't bear the thought of him going through another crappy night. I don't mind the getting up and down so much, he's been at this for a few weeks now so I'm never fully asleep anyway
Anyway, I was struck by divine inspiration yesterday afternoon......all of a sudden it came to me 'check out the unicare website'......sure, I didn't even know if they had one! So I logged on, and lo and behold, there was a lovely girl on the other side who checked for me and YES, they do stock it!!!!!! Could ye not hear the choir of angels singing the hallelujah chorus in the city centre?!
So there you have it........Unicare Pharmacies to the rescue
Thats good to know Hildag because our little jar is nearly gone and I am finding it difficult to find more-the last one I got was in Boots Liffey Valley where the girl took it from a small drawer under the counter-as if she was doing a 'dodgy deal!!!!!!!' Will take a look at Unicare so!
Thanks-hope your baba gets well soon

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