How did you wean your LO off the soother?


I want to get DS off of his, how did you do it?
How old is he and how much does he have it?
J is 3 and only has it at night time. no prob with speech etc. think as parents we rush to take these comforts off kids as "we are told too" sometimes it helps not to listen to much to people my friend told everyone her DS was off his soother at 3 and later told me she did that just to get people off her back. thought that was really upsetting for her.
For my third child (2.5) I melted it under a hot burning pot of popcorn and only discovered it later when I was washing it out.
I called her in and she was sad but nothing major.

For my first child (3), I bought books and "Swapped" it. Worked though three nights of a sad boy at bedtime.
For my second child (2.5), we had a week of a vvvvv upset kid after we gave it to the Soother Fairy. She was not impressed.
Have had 3 different responses but the "It mehhhhlted" was the easiest They only used them at night so it was hard going to bed.
Actually talking about the speech, my DS had a speech delay and I saw a speech therapist who told me to get rid of it immediately. She knew by looking at him and how he talked that he had one
binky fairy came and left sweeties in exchange for the jar of soothers.
He is just 3 and only uses it to go to sleep-at night time and for his nap if he takes one by day.
I am not worried about speech.
We just got rid of DS's. He only had it at night time. We gave it to Santa for the new babies in the hospital, DS left it in a little bowl beside Santa's snack. The next morning Santa had left a little special present in the bowl, separate to his other presents, for it. On Xmas eve night he took a long time to go to sleep but never looked back since, never looked for it. He had forgotten it one or two nights so I felt he was ready to give up.
DD is a different kettle of fish, she loves hers and I'm struggling to keep it off her in the late afternoon when she is tired. But once she only has it at night I will leave for a while then and then try something similar.
It never affected either of mine in terms of speech.
DD2 in October was having hers in her mouth far too much for our liking and she kept appearing with one when we took another off her, she must have had some stash around the house, her speech was changing too so we began the task of preparing her for giving it up, I told her if she wanted to go to playschool she couldn't have a dummy, her response was "ok mammy I throw it in the bin so!" and off she went threw it in the bin and only looked for it on the second night and never since, mind she's very good at "cleaning" Ds's dummies!!!
I am in the middle of this at the moment but DD is younger which probably makes it easier. I first stopped giving it anywhere but the car and cot, sometimes the buggy. Now she doesn't get it at all in the cot and so far she doesn't miss it there. However if she finds one, it is a nightmare to get it off her. And as for her friends' ones! It is getting embarressing! I think I am going to bin them all but I like having them in the car.
I had heard of making a tiny hole so that there is nothing to suck on or if you are really cruel, covering them in nail biting solution!
Ds2 was totally addicted to 'dodi' I used to have to take it off him if he was talking. Anyway, I think it was about 2 weeks before Christmas, he came into us one morning and dh just took it from him and that was it, there was the whining and looking for it but after about 3 days he completely forgot about it. It was soo much easier than we thought. We where going to wait til Christmas Eve and leave it for Santa but decided to get the whinging out of the way before Christmas
DD1 only has hers in her bed at night (although we did use it a lot for the week we moved) and I haven't a notion of taking it off her anytime soon!! The only speech concern I have is that she can't say her "F's" or her "V's", so "xylophone" sounds funny but I think those come in time.
My DD (turning 3 next month) is a soother addict but i now have her down to having it at night and at home during the day if she is tired and cranky, though i am trying to wean it down to only nighttimes at the moment. She is not allowed take it with her out of the house at all.
It is not affecting her speech at all, especially as when she speaks with it in her mouth i tell her that i wont speak to her unless she takes it out so i can understand her so she always removes the dodi to talk.
I am not going to rush it off her at night times though cause she uses it as a comforter as well and holds them in her hands, but i am encouraging her to cuddle her teddybears instead in the hope that she will slowly wean herself off it at night time.
My DD is 2 1/2 and she only got it at bedtime, but around October time she was quite sick and had it during the day for a few days and then started rhyming looking it. I hate them and never gave DS one at all but DD screamed for 1st month, turned out to be serious reflux. So in November I just took one Friday night and told her it was going away and that she was a big girl now and didn't need it any more. We went through a tough night of her getting up about 100 times before she slept. I was dreading Saturday night, but she went to bed without even asking for it. She hasn't asked for it yet, think we're one of the lucky ones. SHe wants to be a big girl at school like her brother and is quite advanced.
I don't know but if you find the answer let me know. DS2 is 3yr 8mths and was to give it to Santa on Xmas Eve but screamed so much going to bed we just gave in. We have now totally limited it to night-time in bed only - whereas before he had it for naps, if he was cranky, in the car etc. Occasionally he'll go to bed in the afternoon for 5 mins for a suck I know that he'll drop it in a couple of months and tbh if it means a good night sleep and no crying or whinging then I'll accept it.
I ahve jsut done this with my Dd aged 2 and 2mths I tried getting her to give it to Santa or Baby Jesus in the crib but she didn't really understand so we followed this method
We are about 2 weeks in now and I cut the top off all the soothers and then she got tonsciillitis so she just wanted to hold it as a comfort. Have to say it has really worked she just holds it now in her hand for comfort. The beauty is you don't come off as the bad guy!!!
Hey there,
My DD (2 at Xmas) is a complete addict and HAS to have one in her hand and in her mouth! She seems to be getting worse (used to be just at bedtimes but now whinges alot during the day unless she gets it) so we were going to get rid before Xmas but decided to do it next week instead. Have read about the 'bye-bye binky' method that Hipbaby mentions and think that's the one for us! Its all about a gradual disassociation of the soother + pleasure. I have heard from lots of people that when they do eventually give up their chat increases so much so it will be worth it!

I cannot access this site at work, could somebody send me a copy via email or paste it to this tread, please.
We had a collection of them around the house and the week leading up to Christmas (2003) we told him that Santa would only leave presents if we left him all the dodi's hanging on the Christmas Tree. This gave him a chance to get used to the idea that he was going to be saying goodbye to them and then there were no arguments when it finally happened...
It worked a treat!
DS was so sick coming up to Christmas that I had to forfeit the Santa idea and I don't want to wait until next Christmas!
With DD1 and DD2 we took them away when they turned three. HAd tears and tantrums and roaring from DD2, DD1 took no notice what so ever. Both have perfect teeth and perfect speech.
DS is 2.5 and still has his, I am limiting it to bed time but I can see that his teeth look a little sticky out from it. His speech is perfect but I am sick of the sight of the thing.
TBH I am dreading taking his but will just take it some night, he sleeps with at least ten dodos ever night.
He is always asking for it during the day as well.
DD3 never got one.
No prob with your DS speech BBM anyway!

Same story here, but he is asking for it more and more by day again so I want to get rid of it instead of putting up with the tantrums from wanting it and not getting it. I wish DH went away for a night so that I could try it by myself, I think I'd have more patience with an upset boy at bedtime than him. Even though he has more patience than me in other ways.

Thanks! He has the gift of the gab alright!
if you want to pm me your e-mail address i will send it to you, its a bit long to post here!

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