My ds is 2 1/2 and in the last 2 weeks, has suddenly started to stammer. Is this normal or is it a phase they go through? His speach is very good and he's never stammered up to this. I noticed him looking at me when he was stammering while talking to dh last night so I'm beginning to wonder is he looking for attention. Also someone said to me it's that his mind is thinking too fast for his speach and that might be causing it. If anyone has come across this and has any advice I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
Yes afaik it is perfectly normal. If you do a search on here on stutter or stuttering you will come across some previous threads (dont know how to link them)
Anyway we just went through this with a 3 year old and it seems to be gone. It was mainly when she was saying what or you. For instance she would say yyyyyyy you. What I read was to completely ignore it and dont draw attention to it. Also not to say the word for them. That was the advice I followed and after a couple of months its gone.
G&T, my DS was the same at about that age til around the 3ish mark. My PHN said that they have so much going on in their heads that they struggle to get it all out. Anyway we more or less ignored it, gave him the time to say what he wanted to, never finished his sentences for him etc and after about 6mths he stopped. Has great, very clear speech now. I wouldn't worry too much about but if you are then there would be no harm mentioning it to your PHN or GP.
Supposed to be perfectly normal in pre-school children, main thing is to ignore it, don't draw attention to it and don't finish their words or sentences for them.
thanks girls, will just ignore it and hope he grows out of it. From talking to others they are saying the same so thanks for the reassurance. g&t

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