need a superhero cape


ds loves the cape from the dress up box in gymboree - it's all he needs to be a superhero which is what he wants to be at halloween.
i got a superman costume in the newsagents but the cape is attached to the top and only a little short thing - i know he won't be happy with it : (
can anybody help? got a red cape, know where i can get one?
saw various dressing up superhero type out fits in Smyths yesterday.. most of them had capes (which you could probably detatch).
What about a fancy dress shop? Actually theres a ballon shop in Donnybrook, and they might have a cape, because they do lots of seasonal accesories.
Not sure if any of thats helpful
Congrats on the princess BTW (she looks angelic)
panic over - tried his crappy costume on him just now and he's perfectly happy with it - god bless his low standards...and mine!
Hope you have a scary halloween
Argos have the superman musles reduced

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