2 or 3 wheeler scooter for 3.5 yr old?


She has a bike with stabilisers. I bought her Santa present last week. Thought I had bought a two wheeler scooter, but it is a three wheeler (Dora). Need to decide whether or not to exchange it for a 2 wheeler or keep it. She is reasonably well co-ordinated .
I think i would leave it ! DS has a Thomas 3 wheel scooter and loves it (hes 3 in jan).
Its great that it stands on its own!
My DD1 has a three wheel scooter and loves it but is getting a two wheeler for Christmas as she wants to go faster! So what would I recommend? 3 wheeler to get started, 2 when she is more confident!
No much help then
I got a three wheeler - but I wuld have got either tbh. I know she probably wont get as long out of it, but I figure at least she'll be able to "go" straight away and won't get frustrated trying to master it (not sure if that's good reasoning )
hi Grainne,
I'd leave it too, we don't have them (although kids are mad to get one each!) but some of the 3 and 4 year olds around here have that dora scooter and seem to love nearly 5 year old tried a 2 wheeler in the shop and fell off! Your dd will be able to use her scooter straightaway and without too much help from you!
You might only get a year or so out of it but then your ds will be ready for it and dora is popular with both boys and girls!
Thanks! Will probably keep it.
Yeah. I would keep it if I was you Gráinne.
DD tried a 3 wheeler (Barbi? Probably the same size?) in a shop the other day and was totally delighted with herself going around. She was well able to get up a bit of speed too. I got her to try a 2 wheeler and she just wasnt able to manage it at all. Couldnt go anywhere.
Id say with a few days practice she would, but shure its not like you want them speeding around anyway at that age.
The 3 wheeler was really good!!

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