Driving with dd in car is a nightmare!!!


oh I just can't cope anymore. I feel everytime I am in car with dd I must be sprouting a few grey hairs each time. She is constantly taking her arms out of car seat straps. If i tighten them anymore I will break her shoulders!! She has 2 car in daddy's car and one in mine. The one in mine is proving a little tougher for her but she manages it with a lot of screaming first.
AAAAArrrrrggghhhh....even the shortest trip around to the shop is a night mare and I come back all stressed to bits!!
Poor you! I am certain that I read before about an extra little device you can get that goes around the shoulder straps and is impossible to wriggle out of... perhaps someone else knows more?
DS1 went through a stage of releasing the buckle a few times around about when he was aroyund 2 yrs. And every time it happened, I stopped the car and gave out to him and refused to move until he was safely buckled back in.
He got the message pretty quickly. In fact, I was about to start the engine recently when he yelled 'STOP!' and pointed out that I'd forgot to click his seatbelt in.
DS2 (14 months) has just started fiddling with the buckle. Again, I'm sure there's a safety device you can get for the buckle too. Hope I don't need to go that far!
Good luck! IM x
Think this could be what you need ... cts_id=943
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i was the same with my dd, getting to the stage were i dreaded getting in the car with her the constant arguements about straps being to tight and saying she couldnt reach this and that would scream blue murder sometimes. anyway we decided "distraction" was the best method and invested in a portable dvd player, she doesnt watch alot at home so i dont feel TOO guilty (maybe a bit) we also have a favouite song we sing, or look for yellow cars or holes in the road!!!
I asked about those catches for the straps in my local nursery shop and he said they were illegal over here for use in cars!!!. Should only use them in buggys/highchairs. Is this true?
Have tried all kinds of distractions..look at the lights/birdies/cows /sheep etc.. my car looks like a toy box half the time. I did think about the dvd got me thinking more now..hmmmm...
i had same problem with dd around same age. and solved it the same way as issacsmum, by pulling over and stopping car when she did it and not moving til arms safely back in. found it did not help if i put arms back, had to encourage her to do it herself, little miss independent. perservence paid off, now we are not allowed move car until everyone has seatbelt on as it is 'very dangerous' she tells us all adults get bossed by her to put theirs on too
stick to your guns and it will pass.

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