ear infection with discharge


Hi, ds had grommits inserted last February, prior to that he had 9 ear infections. Since then his ears have been fine but he now has an infection in his left ear. With his other infections he never had a discharge but this time he has gunk coming out, dh likened it to a snotty ear. I wasnt at my own gp but went to Eastdoc and when I was leaving the surgery the doctor said to clean his ear with sterile water. I didnt know what he meant til I looked at ds ear later on, or I would have asked him. Is this normal with grommits. BTW am very annoyed with my own gp. He has a new receptionist and I rang today to ask about this and was told if I wanted to talk to the doctor I had to make an appointment!!
Spider, did you get a prescription for antibiotics? This is almost certainly a bacterial infection and definitely needs an antibiotic to clear it. Your poor DS. Ear infections are so painful. Lots of nurofen and paracetamol and cuddles!
Hi Lin C, yes he is on an antibiotic thankfully. He had been quite sick for a few days before but gp said it was a viral infection and ears were clear. On previous experience his ears can get infected literally hours after a visit to the gp so that doesnt surprise me. However I was a bit concerned about the discharge as he never had it before. He is on the mend and in better form tg.
spider, I would say better out than in!.... this is usually caused by a build up and he has probably found relief from this wax coming out.
only for the grommits I wouldve said it may have been a burst ear drum... usually a sign of a bad leaking ear.
I am sure he will be on the mend soon.
Hi spider,
It sounds like the grommit may have been expelled from the ear and that perhaps the eardrum has burst and oozed. My DS2 had grommits inserted twice - first at 1 and again at 3 - and we have gone from ear infections and burst eardrums, with gentisone drops in the fridge constantly, to an "ear free zone" from about the age of 4.
You might get your GP to see if he/she can see if the grommit is still in the ear and if not, see if you can be referred again to see if he needs the grommits inserted again.
Hi, thanks for the replies. Debbie, excuse my ignorance, but what are gentisone drops.
Hi Spider,
Like your DS our DD had grommits in her ear, almost as soon as the first 1 fell out she got another infection and burst her eardrum again ( it happeed frequently before the grommits went in so at least we knew what it was)
To set your mind at ease bursting the eardrum isn't actually sore, it infact releives the pain that the infection was causing. It can be caused by a viral infection or a bacterial infection so antibiotics may or may not work, if the discharge smells then go straight to doctor otherwise, make an appointment to see doc when you can.
If you can go and see your consultant aswell, we can't anymore as he's retired! but he may well want to reinsert the grommit.
Hi, we must have being going to the same guy as ours is retired aswell. He recommended somebody else to me. so I might give them call.
Thanks again
spider, we got a prescription for Gentisone drops from consultant and he swore by them - think they are antibiotics inserted into ear a few times a day when infection occurs. He maintained they went directly to site of infection so worked quicker.
Spider i have had ths ongoing prob with my son, he is now 13yrs old and he has had 4 lots of grommits put in, th elast lot fell out while ago, only recently has eh had the gunk come back and also he has bled a few times from the ear, i got nowhere with my doc they just kept giving me anti biotics and saying its an infection, i got so fed up with infection after infection and gunk and blood, i went back and said i want this seen to, and i want you to stop feeding him anti biotics, i want his ear to get looed at properly as to why this keeps reocurring, so in the end i waited 3 weeks, got an appt other day, apparently he has a bloody perferated ear drum and want him back in to put him to sleep to have a good look.
Am so mad, this should have been doen a long time ago, so if yours keeps happening like that my dear, if i were you, go back to your gp and demand he goes to out patients in hospitla to get a proper look at it by an E&T.
Chris xxx
Hi Chris, thanks for that info. Nearly a week later his ear is still discharging. Phoned gp the other day for a letter of referral for the new ENT guy so I think I will bypass the gp and go straight to him if it doesnt stop. He still says his ear is sore and I dont know if its from an infection or a burst eardrum or what. Anyway life goes on and back to school tomorrow for the others.

Aww the poor wee guy, if he was recently in really bad pain/ or loads of gunk comign out, it couild possible be a perferated drum, when the gp had a look, did he get a proper look in his ear, if it is full of gunk, am just wonderign if he actually got a look at it? My gp could never get to look inhis ear, so they kept panningf me off with anti biotics, until i demanded he got seen to properly, by a E&T? He was seen the other day by E&T and he has to go back, to get put to sleep so they can get a proper look in his ear.
Hi Chris, he woke up this morning gunk free and is back to himself. His only problem was crying cos his brothers went to school and he wanted to go with them. anyway thanks for your information and hope things work out ok for you.

Aww am so glad he is much better, bless the wee guy wantin to go with them lol, keep an eye on that ear though anymore get the gp told ok??


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