Your bum is bigger than Dada's bum!


... so I was told in a loud voice by my 2 1/2 year old son this evening, when he tried to wedge himself beside me onto the (smallish, I'll have you know!) armchair in his room at bedtime.
I was giggling so much after that, he then told me to stop laughing!


Bet he's the only person who would get away with telling you that though!
Bloody right - even DH wouldn't risk life and limb going down that road...
I got told yesterday in a pubic toilet you do have a willy mam and four bums
DS regularly tells me that I have a fat belly, true but does he really need to tell me! LOL.

four bums!!!!! cant stop laughiN!
was in Awear yesterday trying on trousers when DD 2 said(very loudly) take them off mammy there to tight(which they clearly were) then says "fat belly"..........................NICE!! needless to day wasnt in the humour for more shopping after that!!!!
there gas!...and any bad smell she gets she says "mammy farted"?????????? just waiting for her to say in in public! id die!

errrm, whassa CathyD??
ah the things they come out with
I decided to start dieting after been asked. Why is your tummy bigger, bigger, bigger (yes x3) than everyone elses........are you sure you don't have a baby in there?
Since I have lost nearly 4stone he said to me the other day (pass remarkable) you are definately getting smaller mom - I can feel your bones.
My 6.5yr old has suddenly become very 'body conscious'. I had my 4th child 10mths ago and my DD asked me "why is your tummy hanging down"!!!! She's begged me to wear a pink skirt, pink shoes and a FLAT TUMMY for her birthday in June!!!! SUCH PRESSURE!!!
PS. Ciara, well done on that weight loss! That's brilliant, u must feel amazing! I lost 6 stone before and felt great! Have since gained 4 but just lost 1!! Always a battle for me I guess!

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