For anyone who got seperate MMR jabs . . . HELP


Hi All,
Is there anyone out there that got the MMR seperated?
My DD got the second of her three jabs last week, Measles I think and she is like the anti Christ this week . . . is this normal. Waking in the middle of the night. Biting another little boy in the creche. Maybe it her teeth but I was wondering if anyone else had similar experiences. I'm at my wits end and DH is pissing off to Kerry for four days of golf and leaving me on my own. I am so stresses. Please help?
Also, Mumps is next. Is there anything to watch out for?
Polly I looked into it while decideding weather to vaccinate or not. BUt decided not too at all. Any vaccine can cause a no. of reactions. It could be why or it could be a coincidence. I would recemmend seeing a homepath who can treat the symptoms, with out needing to kow the cause. It would really help, adn then they can be there to support you babe throught the next jab too.
Best wishes
feel free to pm me if you need more info, hard to make sense this late at night,

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