Training at Night?


I am having terrible trouble with my 3 year 2 month old DD. She is wetting the bed 2 or 3 times a week at night. She has been potty trained during the day for over 10 months. Took to it straight away. We never really trained her at night - just put the pull ups on her. Recently she has been refusing to wear the pull ups because "they are only for babies and I'm a big girl". It is a constant battle at night to try and get the pull ups on her and it's just not working. If we do manage to get them on she pulls them off again as soon as she's gone to bed. We have tried limiting the amount she drinks before bed and I have also tried a couple of times taking her out of the bed before we go to bed and putting her on toilet to see if she'll go but most of time she won't. She is not wet every night just a couple of times a week.
This morning she was wet when I went into her about 7 am. I don't know how long she was wet for as she didn't wake up.
Any suggestions?

Hi Lou,
We got "Overnight Undies" from (reusable night time pants - stick them in the machine if they are wet in the morning). They are lovely & fleecy on the inside & my son loves them.
We were in the same boat - he's toilet trained for well over a year now but still wets at night (but not every night). He doesn't want to wear nappies so this was a great solution for the time being.
We've done all the same things - limiting drinks, lifting him at night, etc but it's just a constant battle. I just hope he'll get there when he's ready!
Thanks for that - have just ordered a pair. Will see how we get on.

Sorry, meant to say we got them with the fleece insert (Eur1.50 extra) - did you get that?? Think it makes them more absorbable.
Hope they help,
We lifted at about 11.30 for about a month or so and then we started leaving. For the first few weeks we had a couple of accidents a week but it improved. We also left the light on in the bathroom so she could go herself if she woke up. Now at 3 years 10 months she has a very occasional accident.
Yes Catd I did order the fleece inserts.
Hope4711 I have tried lifting her before we go to bed but it doesn't make any difference. Will try the other pants and see if she'll wear them if not the washing machine will be on overdrive for next while!!!!!

Hi louhen,
with my DD I made a rule that if she was wet in the morning, she'd have to wear a pull-up the next night, but if she was dry she could wear pants the next night. We also agreed that if she managed to stay dry for a whole week she could get a present. (She chose a radio controlled car, although thankfully she was happy with one that cost a tenner )
She's 5 now and stilll has the occasional accident, but going to the loo last thing at night is an automatic part of both girls' routine now (I've been very lucky with DD2, she was dry by night from when she trained)
I think that you can be lucky with the night time 'training'. Mine were not 'early' trainers, ie, both were 2 and 10 months when they were trained during the day. Within a week both were dry by night and have never had accidents (now aged 8 and 4, boy and girl). I sometimes think it is because they were a bit more mature and they made the decision to use the toilet during the day, rather than it being something I made them do. Any kids I know who are still wetting at night at 4 or 5 and older are all children who were trained early ie. younger than 2 1/2.
I'm with MaryE on that one. My ds1 was about 2 and 10months also when he was trained by day and that was the time that he was ready to go for it. I didn't push him too early as i was due ds2 just before this and thought he would regress back if I tried before babs was born.
After a week or two he was dry by night and at 4yrs now I can honestly say he's had no accidents but he also doesn't get up to go during the night so we were very lucky with him, (bathroom is downstairs).
My boy was trained at 2 yrs and 8 months so I don't think it was that early to be trained. I also had a new baby & wasn't able to give it the time until then even though he had been showing signs for a few months.
We've got a MEGA bladder in our house in our DS! He was day-trained at 2ys 5 months, took a week, (amazingly), and we never bothered with the nightime training, just put a nappy on. Reason we didn't bother was that we didn't have the heart to take his 12ozs of milk in a bottle away from him at night! (that's another problem for another day).
Anyway, he regularly wet his nappy until about 6 months ago, and then he had dry ones, but we kept putting them on every night and didn't comment in the morning if they were wet or dry. He finally got fed up with them round Christmas and we've never looked's the thing...
he drinks 12ozs milk a night, wakes about 1am for a wee, and then off to dreamland again, dry in the morning. He does not get his bladder strength from his mom!
I hope the new nappy you've ordered works, and I'd ignore the nappy when taking it off in the morning-be it wet or dry. (I found that the more we praised DS on dryness at the beginning-the more he stessed out on it, so we ignored it!)
Let us know how you get on,
Chris - do you take him into the toilet at 1am??? Just wondering - our DS doesn't take a bottle at night anymore (only sometimes if he's sick) but still wets!
He wakes himself when he needs to go, usually about the 1am, when the milk has gone through him! He comes into our room and whispers 'wee wee coming' and one of us gets up, helps hi in the loo, and back to bed again. We're living in hope that it'll stay this good!
That sounds good, Sean doesn't wake - which is the problem.
ah well, one day!
PS Good to see you posting again - will email you for a chat soon.

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