Move to booster seat or no?


I need a bit of advice please. DS2 is 3 years old and 101 cm (3 ft 3 inches). He's in a Britax full car seat (one of those suitable from birth to 4 years). While his body is still comfortable in it, I notice that the shoulder straps are below his shoulders now, so they come up and then over his shoulders (all the instruction booklets say that shoulder straps should be higher than the shoulders and come down over the shoulders). That's my only concern. Part of me still feels he's too young for a high back booster but if the shoulder straps are not high enough (they're in the last setting so no option to adjust) should I move him? How important is that rule re the shoulder straps?
He weights about 2 stone 4lbs (32lbs) so is only borderline weight-wise for a high back booster. What would be safer? Keep him in the full seat where the shoulder straps come up over his shoulders rather than down or move to a high back booster?
I'd appreciate any opinions. DS1 was more clear cut - he simply grew out of his full car seat and was completely squished in it!!!
Thanks a mill
I've the same problem with my 4-yearold - weightwise he's just barely the 15kgs, but the shoulderstraps of his childseat are slightly under his shoulders too - he's just had a 2-month growth spurt! ... SEATS.html
Cos for legal/safety reasons I think we should switch the kids over, but I think as mammies we'd like the added security...Is there a choice of a 5-point harness contraption that we can attach to a high-back booster seat I wonder?
would this be any good ... +SEATS.htm
Hi lami, i had the same problem with dd..
I got her a highback booster in argos with a 5 point harness, its great and if my older dd is having a friend over they can use the seat with a regular seatbelt, so handy...
same as one summer babes just posted
DD3 is 15.8kgs and not three til May and occasioanlly goes in a graco high back booster seat shes fall for her age too and it fits her perfect
do you live near tony kealys? i have always found them super for car seat advise, maybe if you bring ds with you and car seat and let them advise you of your options.
We have a carseat for ds that is group 1-2-3 but we have recently removed the 5 point harness as it was getting very difficult to put him into the car seat. He is roughly the same weight and height as your ds and so far so good. As long as he is secured with the seatbelt correctly he should be fine.
Thanks a million everyone for the replies. That Argos seat looks really good. I'll let him sit in our Graco one and see how secure he looks in it. Otherwise I think I'll go for the Argos with the harness. Can the harness be removed later on does anyone know?
Thanks so much for the advice. It's just so hard to decide - I want him to be as safe as absolutely possible!!!
It says the cover is removable so id imagine the harness would have to be removeable
Hi Lami,
From a size / weight perspective your DS2 is proably fine to go into the high back booster... I find at that age though, it's more to do with whether or not they have the sense to sit properly in it.
I know with my lads, I've only just put DS1 (age 6) into the HBB with seatbelt and even STILL I am constantly having to tell him to sit properly as he leans out of it (usually to poke his brother... )
I'd suggest you look at something like the Evolva 123 which has the 5-point harness up to 18Kg. I know it's technically the same weight range as your current seat, but you might find there's a bit more room in it. (DS2 is 4 and a half and fits into the straps of a Multitech which is the rearward facing verison of the Evolva). I'm not sure for definite if it is bigger, but it's worth a look anyway. If you could get a little more time with the 5 point harness, well that's a bonus, and then the seat will last up to 36kg with the seatbelt, so it's not going to be wasted.
Or what about something like the Britax Two-Way (5 point harness up to 25kg, rear facing or forward facing?)
Rosie x
Answers: ... roductInfo
I think I might go for something like this - the back is removable from the seat pod (unlike the Argos one in the link above), plus it's got the little slot over the shoulder to keep the normal seatbelt on the shoulder (as opposed to the risk of it going across the neck in the Argos one that has no slot)...
Now to find a cheaper version!
Thanks for that Kizzie!
Tazaro, he's very good in his car seat currently. Both boys always were so I don't think that will be too much of an issue.
Mi, that one looks great, and you're right about then being able to use it with a seatbelt later on.
Got some thinking and shopping to do!!
Thanks a million

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