Two years in the same playschool?


I'm trying to decide what to do with DS in September - leave him where he is for another year, or move him to a different playschool.
He has a July birthday, so will be 4 this year, but isn't starting school until he's 5. He's fairly bright (well, I would say that obviously! He is though!) and has learnt most of his letters at home.
He is getting on well in the playschool he is in now, he really likes it, but a lot of his friends will be moving to big school in September.
I'm wondering whether I should leave him where he's happy or if he'll be bored doing the same stuff again in a class of kids a year younger than him. We don't want to send him to Montessori, would prefer to leave him in a less formal classroom situation.
There is a local playschool just down the road which I couldn't afford last year, which is really nice. He'll get the free year next year so I could change him there.
Just wondering how your Little Ones got on if they spent two years in the same playschool?
Thanks for listening to me waffling on!
I would send him to the one down the road. If you keep him in the same one he might be wondering where all his friends have gone - that is if you can afford it. I'm only giving my opinion as tbh I don't have any experience really. I am sending my DS this September to the same one for 2 years but going to just send him 2 days this year and the full week next year - however if I think that he is getting bored or that he won't be with some of the same children I will look at moving him
Both my oldest 2 went to the same playschool and both had 2 years there. It was great. They knew the routine, had some other kids from the first year each. They really came on in the second year as their teacher (?) knew what they had done the last year and could give them other stuff to work on. Our playschool teacher had a 2 year workload/pictures/crafts so they weren't repeating the same things in the second year.
Worked out great
+1. Send him to the one down the road if you get the ECCE place and the € stack up. Will he get in there?
Otherwise, he'll be grand in the same one again too. You can position it to him as being the 'big brother' of the playschool!
I don't have any advice as such but my DS will be going to the same playschool for the next two years starting in Sept as he is a March baby and will start school at 5.5.
I think this is quite common esp with kids going to school later. I know there are some kids there at the moment that will be staying on for another year.
I am going to get the free place next year and then pay for the following year.
He is in a different playschool this year that caters more for younger toddlers, 2.5-3.5 yr olds.
Thanks all.
I'll ring the local playschool tomorrow and see what the story is with enrolling him.


Have to agree with Tickles - my DD is in her 2nd year in the same playschool - she has a summer birthday and will be 5 starting school. She is doing completely different stuff than she was doing last year and is loving it. Alot of her friends from last year did go to big school in Sept but there were a couple who didnt and she has loads of new friends - kids that age make friends easily. To be honest I wouldnt change playschool as he has settled into the routine, teachers etc. My DD3 will be starting in this playschool when DD2 goes to big school in Sept and being another summer baby will be doing 2 years there and I know that some of DD2's friends will probably become her friends
Both mine spent 2 years in the same Montessori (in fact dd spent almost 3 years there). They loved it with a passion. And there was no question of boredom!
Is the playschool just one class? Reason why I am asking is that DD will be going to the same preschool for 2 years before primary but they have different levels so even though she'll be there for another year she will have a different program.
Thanks again!
I don't know what to do now!
I have to fill in the form for the ECCE payment in his present playschool by Friday. I suppose I should have a chat with his teachers about it.
I asked him and he says he'd like to change. He is fairly social and seems to adapt easily to new stuff so a change of routine and environment wouldn't bother him too much.
Bit of a dilemma.

It's a small playschool Mindymum, so just one class, yep.
DD1 was in the same playschool for almost 3 years, she never had a day of boredom there. Each day was never a repeat of the next. The teachers knew every child and their needs, likes and dislikes and what excited the child.
Personally I believe a playschool should challenge every child and cater for each need, no matter how bright or otherwise a child is, they should never be bored in playschool no matter how long they remain there. If a child gets bored in playschool then it's not a good one imo.
Dusty before you change him have you checked that you will definitely get the free year with the other playschool - a lot of them are booked out (they only offer a certain number of free places). We could get places for dd but would have to pay, eventhough they were doing the scheme.
I am thinking what will I do with dd next year too, I have to pay anyway as I won't get the free year so may see can I get something more structured as she will be 4 in the summer, and I know quite a few of the children in her playschool are going on to school in Sept so she will be a bit lost. I think she will be doing much the same stuff again and I know she will be bored!
She's ringing me back at lunch-time Midi, so I'll have a chat with her then.
Maybe there are no places left - that would take the decision out of my hands!
All my dithering was for nothing as it turns out girls.
The other playschool is booked up.
At least I know DS has a free place in his present school and he's happy there.
They do playball too, which will be something extra for him next year.
Thanks again for your replies.
That's great - glad your sorted

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