If your toddler doesn't eat his/her dinner...


... do you offer them another "dinner" at tea time, or just give them whatever you had planned, even if it's only a sandwich or similar? DS1 is normally a good eater but has been playing up lately and I find a lot of dinners are getting binned. Tea is fairly basic these days with DS2 demanding so much of my attention, so I'm worried that he's not getting enough. What do others do? Thanks.
They don't get another dinner here, just normal tea that everyone else would have. Nobody has starved in this house yet.
I'm sure your ds will be grand. He might just be acting up for attention while you are tending to your other ds.
I wouldn't offer a full other dinner but I would normally make sure that the next meal was something I was fairly sure they would eat. And I would try to make sure it was reasonably nutritious too. I might do scrambled eggs and beans on toast etc. Good luck.
I wouldn't offer another one either, I just give her a snack like a sandwich. DD is a disaster when it comes to food anyway, if she stays eating the way she is at the moment she'll never have weight problems
Like the others, I would'nt offer another dinner. I do give her a choice of 2 cereals for breakfast or which colour/flavour yogurt.
I went shopping yesterday and DH looked after DD, she did'nt eat her dinner so had nap without one ( was over tired, DH does'nt clock watch like me!!!!! ) When I came home she had a yogurt and had beans for her tea.
I'm never worried about food but fluids are different.
DS is a good eater & rarely doesn't eat his dinner but of an evening that this happend I would offer him a bowl of cereal or some toast a while later.
Generally if she doesn't eat her dinner, she doesn't get anything else. She's going through a phase of not eating properly the last few months and has gone from a dream eater to being so picky, that now I dont' worry. If she's hungry enough, she'll eat her dinner. If she's not hungry, she won't. Its just me and her, and I am not going down the road of presenting her with an array of different dinners.
There is a rule here that if dinner(6pm) doesn't get eaten nothing else is offered afterwards. If they refuse lunch it doesn't alter the dinner I will make later.
It gets reheated later on for him to eat then just as I did with all my kids.
DS gets lunch in the middle of the day, gets his dinner in the evening.
He usually eats his lunch but may not eat too much dinner, if he does, he does, if he doesn't he doesn't.
I believe no child will ever starve themselves, and would rather they eat until they are full than making them over fill themselves.
Mine do eat a good bit of fruit in the day so that is probably a factor in it too, but i do not want to discourage fruit eating either.

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