Tips for giving antibiotic to 2year old


dd3(2) has laringititis and is on a antibiotic she has got sick twice after taking it today and says its yucky. im giving it to her through a syringe, any tips on how how i can get this into her.
Bribery.... its the only way!!! let her have a sweet straight after... she can hold the sweet, you squeeze it in and she can stick the sweet straight in after..... good luck!
I always give mine a drop of coke after it always works
If the sweet doesn't work (gotta love bribery ) have a cup of juice ready for her to drink the minute you get the anti -b in.
Poor thing - hope she is better soon.
Mix it with a spoon of yoghurt, she will never know the difference.. tell her is magic fairy food. that will make her better..

are ya mad? she is two no way!
ive tried the juice one but no when she sees me coming with the syringe she runs and shouts nooooooooo mummy yucky little shit ill try the sweet one in the morning
thanks ladies!

sorry muffin we posted the same time,
thats a good tip ill try that in the morning!
We have mixed it with fruit puree... we take 2-3 spoons of puree out of the pot and mix it with that.... we dont use the entire pot incase he wont take it all.

I tell her it's gonna make her better, have juice ready to "wash away the yacky" or promise her some chocolate after she's taken it and give her 4 buttons
I put it in a petit filous take out half of the yogurt and put in the anitibiotic. This is just to make sure they eat all athe antibiotic and nothing is left behind.

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